How to get Lara Croft Gold SkinHow to get Lara Croft Gold Skin

How to get the Gold Lara Croft skin (or rather, the Gold Anniversary Lara Croft Edut Style), is the topic of this walkthrough, so let’s dig in.

We’re going to start by saying that the new Lara Croft Gold Anniversary style has been added in v16.40 which was released today, May 11, 2021. This couldn’t have been unlocked until now and it wasn’t even in the game files until today. This style is obtainable through a semi-secret quest where you have to steal Orelia’s legendary scar.

Who is Orelia and why do I care?

Orelia is the female version of the popular 2000 V-Bucks skin, Oro. A golden touch skeleton, presumed to be either Midas himself, or some sort of ghost of Midas because of the similar eye scar that they share, the golden features.

Of course, Orelia has been introduced in the v14.40 update for the very first time in Fortnite, and she is currently an NPC on a brand new island south of the Flush Factory. The new island features some castle ruins similar to Fort Crumpet, but the most important feature there is the presence of Orelia which keeps demanding “OFFERING” or “TRIBUTE” or “GIVE” in a very menacing voice. Don’t misunderstand her though. While she does keep on asking the player for tributes, offerings, and so on, she does not attack the player on sight. In fact, the only way she would attack you is if you dare to touch the golden scar that she has on display.

That may be a problem, considering the whole point of the quest is to steal the thing and run. If you interact with her, she just says the above-mentioned words in a demonic voice, but she does give you a gift for talking to her. She gave me mini shields, but she may give random stuff.

How to get the Gold Lara Croft Skin?

In order to grab the Gold Anniversary edit style for Lara Croft, you first MUST have the Battle Pass purchased, and you must have already obtained Lara Croft through level progression (she is tier 15 so it doesn’t take long, at least not now when we have tons of challenges available from previous weeks).

Note: If you don’t have the Battle Pass and already passed Level 15 on free mode, if you buy the Battle Pass now, you get all the Battle Pass rewards you missed retroactively this season, including Lara.

Isla Nublada and Orelia's Legendary Scar
Isla Nublada and Orelias Legendary Scar

If you do have the Battle Pass, and you do have the Lara skin already unlocked, follow the walkthrough below to unlock Lara Croft Gold Anniversary edit style:

  1. Equip Lara Croft from your locker. Any style should work, but some people had success with the classic one. I had success with the default one without issues.
  2. Enter a match. Could be Solo, Duos, Trios, Squad, or Team Rumble. LTMs work too, as long as they’re not Creative LTMs. This won’t work in Battle Lab or private matches.
  3. Go to the new small island south of Flush Factory. It’s called Isla Nublada.
  4. Land at the ruins, and equip a weapon quickly. While Orelia NPC is not hostile on sight, the rest of the lobby trying to steal her scar are.
  5. Quickly grab her gold scar which sits on display on a stone slab. You do not have to kill Orelia for it. She doesn’t drop a scar, she drops a mythic primal rifle if you eliminate her.
  6. RUN! Orelia will now become hostile because you stole her scar.

You can now return to the lobby, your mission is done. In fact, the moment you touched the scar your Lara should have turned golden on the spot. Leaving the match will reveal that you do, in fact, own Lara Croft Gold Anniversary edit style now, such as in the picture below.

How to get Lara Croft Gold Anniversary edit style
How to get Lara Croft Gold Anniversary edit style

If you’re curious where exactly is the Isla Nublada POI that was added, please refer to the picture below which shows the exact location of the POI on the Fortnite Map. Do keep in mind that since the POI is on the outskirts of the map, you will have more of a hard time fighting the storm if you try to run from it after completing the challenge, especially if you took time to complete it because of other players or because of Orelia herself.

In such a case, on the roof of the ruins, you will find a rift once you collected the scar. Jump into the rift and it will respawn you in the air where you can deploy your glider in any game mode to quickly gain some advantage towards the eye of the storm.

Isla Nublada Orelia Location Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2
Isla Nublada Orelia Location Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2

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