Guardian towers location Fortnite Season 6Guardian towers location Fortnite Season 6

How to use launcher from Guardian Towers is the topic of this walkthrough. Follow along and we’ll be done with it in no time to get that sweet XP.

This is a Week 8 epic quest given by Dummy. This is actually stage 2 of a 4 stages bigger guest, and it doesn’t appear until you complete the stage one quest, which says “Collect research books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park“. Fortunately, we have provided a walkthrough for that prerequisite quest as well, so make sure you do that one first, otherwise, this one won’t appear.

This quest requires that you use 3 different launchers from the Tower Guardians. Yes, the Tower Guardians are those weird-looking tier 100 skins that patrol the smaller spires (or towers) across the map. There are 6 of these towers or mini-spires and are distributed around the big Spire in the center of the map.

Where to find Guardian Towers in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 – All Locations

You can find the smaller spires or guardian towers in the following locations on Fortnite island:

  • North of Misty Meadows
  • North-East of Pleasant Park on the orange part.
  • Just East of Sweaty Sands on the orange part.
  • Center of Weeping Woods in the orange part.
  • North of Retail Row.
  • East of the Orchard on the orange part.

You can see that the guardian towers all connect through the orange parts of the map creating some sort of orange star with the Spire in the middle. Please refer to the map below, courtesy of if you cannot find the guardian towers:

All Guardian Tower Locations Fortnite Season 6
All Guardian Tower Locations Fortnite Season 6

How to use launcher from Guardian Towers

Once you have arrived at any of the above-mentioned locations, you must climb the tower. Beware. Each tower is protected by one of the Spire Assassins which are very powerful and have a lot of health and shield. You cannot fight your way out of an encounter with her if you don’t have a full shield and some good quality spam weapon like an SMG or a good AR.

The best way would be to either land directly on the tower, or if you go there from a different location, gather materials and build to the top of the tower without being seen by the Spire Assassin guardians.

Once you’re on the top, there’s a ramp full of glowing light. Step into the light and it will throw you in the air. You can quickly deploy your glider, even in the game modes which do not have glider redeploy such as Solo, Duos, Trios, Squad, or Arena.

Use launcher at Gurdian Towers Fortnite
Use launcher at Guardian Towers Fortnite

We’ve also put together a small video tutorial on how to find the Guardian Towers and how to complete the quest by using a launcher from the Guardian Towers. Check the walkthrough video down below for reference:

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