Fortnite How to get FREE 125000 XP every day by doing nothing in CreativeFortnite: How to get FREE 125.000 XP every day by doing nothing in Creative

How to get FREE 125.000 XP every day by doing nothing, is the topic of this walkthrough, so let’s jump right in. Before we start, make sure that you also do your challenges though. While this method will give you 125.000 XP for free by doing absolutely nothing every day, you will get a lot more XP if you complete your weekly challenges. Some of the quests Epic Games give are really easy to do, so if you’re trying to get as much XP as possible to complete your Battle Pass, be sure to combine this method with a lot of quest completion.

What is XP in Fortnite and how do I get it?

If you’re new to Fortnite, XP represents the experience points you gain by doing various actions that the game considers are worth rewarding. As with almost any other game, there is a leveling system in place. XP rewards as well as the maximum level for the season, tend to be changed by Epic Games every season, but one thing remains constant in Fortnite: If you reach level 100 it means you’ve finished all essential Battle Pass tiers.

Past Level 100 (or Tier 100), if you have purchased the Battle Pass, there are usually additional rewards to be received. Starting Season 2 Chapter 2, Fortnite introduced some edit styles specific to the season which you can only get by progressing way past level 100, which means a ton of XP needed.

Such styles include the golden Midas, Brutus, Skye, Peely, etc. from Season 2 Chapter 2 or the additional knight skin styles from Season 3 Chapter 2. Right now, in Season 6 Chapter 2, those who venture past Level 100 will get 3 additional styles for Raz, The Spire Assassin, and Tarana. The first extra style starts at Level 110 with Tarana, but then you only get Raz at 130 and so on.

Each Season has extra edit styles, usually some sort of foils for the skins that you unlock with a ton of work and a lot of XP.

How can I get XP in Fortnite?

XP points are awarded by Fortnite for a variety of actions the player can take in the game. Of course, the best way to gather XP in large amounts would be to complete every single weekly challenge you can get, because those reward a lot of XP. It changes from a season to another how much each quest rarity gives, but it’s a lot per quest nonetheless.

Here’s all the ways you can get XP in Fortnite:

  • Opening Chests – Gives some XP per chest.
  • Opening Ammo boxes, both big and small – Gives XP.
  • Eating or gathering any foraged item (mushrooms, apples, etc.)
  • Each ellimination gives XP.
  • Each assist gives XP.
  • Opening a rare chest (the blue ones)
  • Opening a bunker chest (Season 6 Chapter 2)
  • Opening ice freezers (the ones with fish inside)
  • Crafting a weapon (Season 6 Chapter 2)
  • Being the first to talk to a NPC
  • Using a fishing spot.
  • Opening any Llama grants a substantial amount of XP as they’re pretty rare.
  • Modding a vehicle with off-road wheels in Season 6 Chapter 2 gives XP.
  • Searching a fishing road barrel.
  • Completing challenges (each challenge gives more depending on the rarity with legendary ones giving the most but being the hardest).
  • Hunting wildlife (Season 6 Chapter 2)
  • Catching the first fish in the game.
  • Being the first to touch the ground and open a chest
  • Surviving storm cycles.
  • Shaking an oponent in Solo, Duos, Trios, Squad, Arena or LTMs.
  • Surviving to Top 75, Top 50, Top 25, Top 10, etc. in Solo, Duos, Trios, Squad, Arena or LTMs.
  • Each Victory Toyale gives XP.
  • Talking to a NPC.
  • Opening an AirDrop (the baloons that come from the sky with loot).
  • Opening fruits and vegetable boxes.
  • Playing or staying AFK in the Creative lobby – Gives 25.000 XP every 15 minutes for up to 125.000 XP per day.
  • Completing punch cards (also known as the blue quests).

How to get FREE 125.000 XP every day by doing nothing in Creative

The idea is simple. Fortnite awards 25.000 XP every 15 minutes for the player if they play in Creative, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just stay AFK in the creative lobby (the lobby where you select the maps where you wanna play).

The game will keep giving you 25.000 XP every 15 minutes until you get 125.000 XP during that day. After that, it won’t give you any more XP until tomorrow (12 hours). This is a very nice way to level up quickly while you do something else, like your homework or your meal or while you sleep.

My strategy is the following, but you can create your own and this method works on PC, PS4, PS5 and even on mobile platforms.

  1. Get into Creative lobby without anybody in party.
  2. You’ll now be on the island that they keep changing which shows the maps you can enter to. Do not enter in any creative match. Stay in the lobby.
  3. Start a repetitive dance / emote like Springy or anything that loops. (Optional)
  4. Set a timer on your phone for 1 hour and 16 minutes. That’s all it takes to get all the XP for a day.
  5. If you play on a TV, shut the TV down to save power, but make sure you don’t have HDMI Device Link enabled in the PS4 settings because if you do, shutting down the TV will also shut down the Ps4.
  6. That’s all. Rinse and repeat tomorrow.

Every 15 minutes, you will get some XP and it shows on the XP bar on the bottom of the screen, like in the photo below.

How to get Free XP in Creative Fortnite
How to get Free XP in Creative Fortnite

From my experience, it seems that the XP you get is enough to level up at least one whole level from zero to finish if it’s a high tier like 80-100, or even two complete levels if it’s a lower tier like 0-70. This is great. It’s a free level or even two free levels for doing absolutely nothing.

Other epic quests to complete in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2

If you feel like completing more Epic quests in Fortnite, check out the other Fortnite quests walkthroughs we’ve put together for this season. Make sure to complete all of them before the end of Season 6 on June 8.

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