Fortnite 6th Birthday Quests and RewardsFortnite 6th Birthday Quests and Rewards

Fortnite’s sixth birthday is here, and Epic has once again opted to honor players with Quests and goodies!

Play Fortnite during this special Anniversary event to accomplish tasks with all of the new Birthday items, including Birthday Cake, Birthday Presents, and more, and get the Birthday Basher Pickaxe.

Fortnite Birthday All rewards

Fortnite 6th Birthday Rewards
Fortnite 6th Birthday Rewards
  • Complete 1 Fortnite Birthday Quest – Unlocks the Pickaxe
  • Complete 3 Fortnite Birthday Quests – Unlocks the Spray
  • Complete 5 Fortnite Birthday Quests – Unlocks the Back Bling

Fortnite Birthday Quests

Wish the bus driver a happy birthday.

What’s the best way to wish the Battle Bus driver a happy birthday? For Fortnite’s sixth anniversary, this operates similarly to “thanking” the bus driver before exiting the Battle Bus.

“Thank the bus driver” is by default connected to “B” on PC and “down” on the D-Pad on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Collect 3 Birthday Presents.

For the anniversary event, the ‘Birthday Presents’ item is now Unvaulted in Fortnite. Presents may be discovered in ground loot and Loot Chests, but because it’s a Legendary item, they might be difficult to get. Try looting regions with a lot of Loot Chests, such as MEGA City, Slappy Shores, or Shady Stilts.

Dance with Characters in 2 different matches.

This season of Fortnite has 16 characters scattered over the map. Try using any emote near a Character and see if they join in. You must complete this task in two different matches.

Land 4 times during Fortnite’s 6th birthday.

Simply play a minimum of four matches to complete this quest! You will finish the task by dropping and landing from the Battle Bus four times.

Consume 5 Birthday Cake.

For Fortnite’s birthday, a Birthday Cake has also been Unvaulted! A slice will restore some Health and Shields. Look out for Birthday Cake displays at places like Sanguine Suites. Birthday Cake slices are available for snacking around in these stands.

Use 6 Balloons.

Balloons have returned for Fortnite’s birthday! These may also be discovered in ground loot and Loot Chests, but because their drop is random, your best bet is to look in regions with a high concentration of Chests, such as MEGA City, Slappy Shores, or Shady Stilts.

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