LEGO Fortnite What to Do First Tips and Tricks and MoreLEGO Fortnite: What to Do First, Tips and Tricks, and More

Newcomers to LEGO Fortnite may find the game’s vast open world, unique construction system (unlike its battle royale counterpart), and numerous survival mechanics to master somewhat intimidating. While you are accompanied by a LEGO companion who provides basic guidance, mastering other aspects of the game requires experience, trial, and error. This introductory guide will provide you with all the information you require to start creating your own LEGO Fortnite journey.

What to Do First

LEGO Fortnite
LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite has an array of bright colors and charming characters, but to ensure your survival in this exciting survival expedition, you must swiftly familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. Although you will have a multitude of choices at the beginning, here are a few essential tasks to do immediately after starting your world:

  1. Harvest Basic Resources
  2. Get ready for the Night Ahead
  3. Build and Upgrade Your Crafting Bench
  4. Build a Village Square

Harvest Basic Resources

Similar to the majority of survival games, the outcome of LEGO Fortnite is predominantly determined by the caliber of the items you craft from the resources you collect. Nevertheless, at the outset of your expedition, the sole implement at your discretion for gathering resources will be your own hands. Although exceedingly suboptimal, gathering Granite and Wood with your hands is surprisingly effective.

Granite and wood, similar to the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that dot all over the world, maybe discovered strewn on the ground; however, relying on such sources may not be the most dependable approach. Wood is not readily available as floor plunder; to locate it, you may attempt to locate shrubs or slender, white-colored trees in the grasslands.

By punching through the trees and shrubs with your melee button, you will rapidly amass one of the vital supplies in LEGO Fortnite. Construct a campfire when you have amassed sufficient resources to increase your arsenal of building recipes.

Since Granite and Wood are extremely valuable in the beginning stages of the game, you must scavenge for food to avoid quickly perishing from hunger. Pumpkins and raspberries are the two most widespread food items that can be obtained in the grasslands without the use of tools. Therefore, keep your campfire nearby and seek for them as well.

Get ready for the Night Ahead

LEGO Fortnite
LEGO Fortnite

At the beginning of the game, the greatest obstacle you will have to overcome is enduring the nighttime temperatures and the numerous foes that prosper after sunset. You will therefore be advised to keep close to your campfire and stockpile food.

In addition to providing warmth during storms, the Campfire will also afford you the protection of your NPC companion. With the acquisition of weapon formulas and the development of resistance to extreme temperatures, nighttime exploration will become a doable venture.

Build and Upgrade Your Crafting Bench

LEGO Fortnite
LEGO Fortnite

After constructing the first Campfire, the Crafting Bench construction recipe will become available to you; however, to construct this precious workstation, you will need to gather 3x Wood and 5x Granite. Your Common Crafting Bench will facilitate the building of torches, forest axes, and pickaxes by default. By utilizing these implements, you can effectively gather granite and wood, repel fauna, and explore gloomy caverns.

Even though these tools are an improvement over nothing, you should consult the Crafting Bench interface to figure out which resources are necessary to enhance your bench. You will gain access to new weapon and survival equipment formulas and discover how to develop superior tools as you improve your Crafting Bench.

Build a Village Square

LEGO Fortnite
LEGO Fortnite

After creating a Simple Shack and a Crafting Workbench, you will gain access to a variety of construction blueprints, including the Village Square. Although the Village Square’s description may diminish the significance of this structure in comparison to the Lumber Mill or Grill, it does offer three noteworthy advantages.

Before the construction of the Village Square, a map emblem will be generated to designate the precise location of the village. After a day of strenuous exploration, the only way to return to your camp is by memorizing its location or hoping that the smoke trail from the campfire is within rendering distance, in the absence of a Village Square or Map Marker. Personalize the icon and hue of the map marker to exactly what you want.

Also, once your Village Square has been constructed, Fortnite NPCs will visit your community, offering lodging options if you have surplus beds. After a villager agrees to move in with you, they may be entrusted with tasks or invited to join you on an expedition.

In addition to aiding in resource harvesting, villagers make excellent bodyguards who can dispatch the majority of the wildlife you encounter early on in your voyage. Finally, completing the Village Square through production provides access to Village Upgrades, which allow a variety of benefits including an expanded village capacity, fresh recipes, and more!

Survival and Tips and Tricks

LEGO Fortnite
LEGO Fortnite
  • To fulfill starvation, you must eat the produce that you have cultivated. Certain foods will satisfy your hunger better than others.
  • Extreme temperatures drain HP over time. Additionally, weather events like rain impact temperature. Take a torch, seek cover, stand near a bonfire, or eat foods with temperature enhancers.
  • Destroy the Chest after placing worn-out tools inside to restore the tools to full health.
  • When you need to briefly leave LEGO Fortnite, access the building menu or a workstation menu to avoid death from hunger.
  • Make sure that craft workstations are protected from rainfall; otherwise, they will become inoperable.
  • Be on the lookout for rainbow-colored butterflies. They might be able to direct you to chests or llamas containing valuable treasure. Be careful, however, that the butterfly could end up guiding you to a bandit camp by chance.
  • Valuables can be provided by Supply Drops through the air.
  • If you are outmatched, flee for the hills, as you can outrun the majority of threats.
  • Invite a villager to accompany you on your exploration. They are powerful fighters capable of dispatching the majority of enemies you will encounter.
  • To consume food without opening your menu in the absence of a shield, position a food item in your Off-Hand area.
  • Pet friendly wildlife to collect various resources. It is crucial to prevent food from falling near the animals, as they may carelessly consume it.
  • Occasionally you can observe wolves engaged in combat with skeletons. Allow them to engage in combat, and then have a third party retrieve the resources.
  • Build Charms to increase your resistance to extreme temperatures or your HP.

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