Fortnite launches Impostors mode an Among Us like experience And its GreatFortnite launches Impostors mode, an Among Us-like experience (And it's Great!)

If you like Among Us and the game mechanics of having to use reasoning/deduction to find out who the impostor is, you’ll probably enjoy the new core mode introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 called Impostors.

The description of this game mode says that agents of The Order have the task of keeping The Bridge safe by completing their Assignments or by identifying impostors who’ve sneaked among them.

The mode plays mostly like you’d expect, it’s Among Us but in Fortnite. The game mode plays between 4-10 players and you can randomly be picked to be an impostor at the beginning of the game. Each match has 2 impostors initially. The game mode has 2 privacy settings: Public or Private. In Private you can play against your own friends in party. Public will match you against other players.

Fortnite Impostors Loading Screen
Fortnite Impostors Loading Screen

The impostor

As an impostor, you have to sabotage the work of The Order Agents, or outright eliminate them. Be careful though, because just like in Among Us, the other players will find fragments of the player you’ve eliminated and they’ll call out an emergency meeting.

As an impostor, you get to choose between various props like Teleporting Players, disguising everyone as Peely for a few seconds (which allows you to eliminate someone without being recognized), and many other things.

The Bridge Fortnite Impostors
The Bridge – Fortnite Impostors

As an agent

The agents need to complete various tasks in the game in order to secure The Bridge. If they complete their tasks in time, or if they find and eliminate both Impostors, the Agents win the match. However, if the Impostors eliminate most agents, it makes it very hard for the remaining to complete the tasks.

The Discussion

When a player finds a fragment, they can trigger an emergency discussion. A round table is shown with all the players. Emotes are allowed, and in fact, the game mode has its own emotes available to all players even if you do not own them such as pointing the finger, nodding, waving, etc.

You can also use canned texts to quickly communicate in chat like: “I saw 5 killing 6 in Maintenance”. Overall, the communication is ok.

Fortnite Impostors Discussion Table
Fortnite Impostors Discussion Table

The game mode performance is great!

Epic Games has done a great job with this mode. It feels very snappy and good-looking, compared to The Spy Within which was a Creative Map simulating a similar Among Us kinda game back in December 2020.

This one isn’t a creative map, it’s an actual core mode created by Epic Games, and it shows. It’s not glitching, it has multiple interactive points for both the agents and the impostors, the loading screen is custom for this mode and the victory screen is custom too.

It does feel like Epic Games has put effort into creating this and it’s not just another rebranded LTM.

I particularly found pleasing the animations they have when a fragment is identified, when a player is eliminated or when the emergency discussion is triggered. It shows the actual player’s skin with actual facial expressions. A far cry from the initial “The Spy Within” creative map which was glitchy and felt like, well, a creative map.

Fortnite Impostors Victory
Fortnite Impostors Victory

You can gain XP from this mode!

Yes, you can earn XP points by playing Impostors, and if you act quickly you can even earn some great cosmetics thanks to the Fortnite Impostors Trials event Epic Games will have for the next 10 days. You can earn the following cosmetics:

  • Hot-Headed Spray
  • Just Between Us Emoticon
  • Spectral Flex Wrap

All you need to do is to visit the Fortnite Impostors Trials page, log in with your Epic Games account then play Impostors and earn badges to get your cosmetics. Do act fast, this will only be available for the next 10 days!

Fortnite Impostors Trials
Fortnite Impostors Trials Rewards

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