The GTA 6 Serial Killer Storyline UncoveredThe GTA 6 Serial Killer Storyline Uncovered

GTA 6 enthusiasts searching through leaked gameplay footage appear to have found a bizarre serial killer scenario.

Rockstar Games has yet to formally announce GTA 6, but we already know a lot about the highly anticipated title owing to a series of leaks last year. The pictures have revealed various global events and confirmed a return to Vice City, new weaponry, locales, a female protagonist, and more. A particular set of events is linked to a story known as “Missing Tourists,” which appears to imply that Vice City has a serial murderer on the loose.

Serial Killer Story Found in GTA 6

There are six confirmed incidents associated with the Missing Tourists event, as detailed on Reddit by user ‘ML-Fox,’ which proves that it’s serial killer-themed.

The first is titled “Trophy Room,” which might imply that Lucia and Jason discover stuff belonging to serial murderer victims. The other occurrences in the Missing Tourists event are all linked to victims. The occurrences are labeled as “Submerged car victims,” “Junkyard victims,” “Cave victims,” “Trailer victims,” and others wholly unclear.

Rockstar has previously included serial killers in their open-world games. GTA 5 has The Infinity Killer, and Red Dead Redemption 2 had the American Dream quest, so this isn’t entirely unexpected.

Given that GTA 6 is set in Vice City, which is an imitation of Miami, it’s plausible that this killer is a parody of Showtime’s Dexter. The episode starred Michael C. Hall as a police forensic technician who was actually a serial killer.

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