All Fortnite NPC character locations in Chapter 4 Season 4All Fortnite NPC character locations in Chapter 4 Season 4

Characters may be found all across the Fortnite island that can aid you in combat or help you achieve a task. We’ve compiled a list of all NPC locations to assist you in finding them around the island. You’ll also have to go see many of these characters throughout Chapter 4 Season 4 to accomplish specific missions and earn XP, so it’s worth your time to examine the list below and attempt to recall their locations.

All Fortnite NPC Character Locations in Chapter 4 Season 4

Nolan ChanceInside the Barn building near the Capture Point at Frenzy Fields
 Fish ThiccNorth-west of Relentless Retreat at Shore Shack Landmark
Piper PaceInside the house opposite to Gas Station at Slappy Shores
MeowsclesWalking around south of Shady Stilts near the Mayday Landing Landmark
Khaby LameSouth-West of Slappy Shores at the Secluded Spire Landmark
 AntoniaInside the Barn building near the Capture Point at Frenzy Fields
Love RangerWalking on top of the main building at Rumble Ruins
 Bull SharkInside a building at Creeky Compound
Sun StriderWalking on an island located South-East of Eclipsed Estate
Royale BomberInside the north building at Brutal Bastion
Countess DarakuWalking near the Eastern Watch Landmark located North-East of Eclipsed Estate
BeastmodeWalking near the Capture Point at Breakwater Bay
Diamond DivaWalking near the Gas Station at Mega City
Renegade ShadowInside the house located south of Shattered Slabs
Arctic AssassinInside The Hall of Whispers Landmark building located far east of Creeky Compound
Agent PeelyEast of Steamy Springs near the Whispering Waters Landmark

All of the NPC characters and their current places in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 are listed above. As you can see, there aren’t as many characters as in past seasons – in fact, there are just 16 NPCs this time around, compared to the 46 available in Chapter 2 Season 6.

There are also four different sorts of High Card Bosses wandering the area. Here are their names, as well as the places where they usually spawn and the items that they drop when eliminated.

Hearts DealerSpawns near the Sanguine Suites vaultMythic Diamond’s Thermal DMR and Vault Keycard
Clubs DealersSpawns near the Relentless Retreat vaultMythic Heart’s Havoc Suppressed Rifle and Vault Keycard
Diamonds DealerThey are three dealers who spawn in Slappy Shores, Mega City and Rumble Ruins POILegendary Combat SMGs and Vault Keycards
The DealersThey can be found near Forecast Towers on the islandLegendary Twin Mag Assault Rifle and Forecast Tower Access Card

Aside from the dealers, this season introduces a strong Boss titled Kado Thorne, who spawns directly outside the Eclipsed Estate Vault and is very hard to fight. If you beat the NPC, you will be rewarded with a Mythic Thorne’s Scoped Burst SMG and a Vault Keycard, allowing you to take unvaulted Mythic weaponry.

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