Genshin Impacts Latest Leak Teases Details About Upcoming ExpansionsGenshin Impact's Latest Leak Teases Details About Upcoming Expansions

The game’s upcoming Fontaine cycle will include the addition of two new map expansions, according to a recent leak from Genshin Impact. The Sumeru region was introduced in Version 3.0, and since then the playable world of Teyvat has expanded significantly with the addition of three distinct desert portions and the newest region’s rainforest.

With Fontaine, the fifth major region of the game, anticipated due later this summer, the explorable area is projected to grow much larger very soon. Recently, additional leaks have hinted at the game’s existing regions being expanded.

While there hasn’t been a new map addition to Genshin Impact’s initial area since Version 1.2’s addition of Dragonspine, speculations have been circulating about a new site within the Anemo Archon’s domain. Genshin Impact is rumored to be adding Dornman Port and the enigmatic Dandelion Sea in a future update. Dornman Port is located north of the city of Mondstadt.

Liyue has also heard reports of a brand-new territory, with Qiaoying Village purportedly situated in the northwest corner of the land. A recent leak provides information on both another completely new area and the rumored Mondstadt expansion.

More information on the planned Mondstadt expansion as well as a new Sumeru site has been revealed in a fresh update released by well-known Genshin Impact leaker Tao via leaker group Team China. According to the article, the Mondstadt expansion’s anticipated Version 4.3 release date has apparently been postponed. The Mondstadt extension won’t be as large as other map additions, according to earlier leaks, but it will border Teyvat’s most northern district, Snezhnaya. Snezhnaya won’t be introduced to Genshin Impact until 2025, according to current patterns.

Genshin Impact's Latest Leak Teases Details About Upcoming Expansions
Genshin Impacts Latest Leak Teases Details About Upcoming Expansions

Aside from revealing a new place coming to Sumeru during the Fontaine cycle, the message would also indicate that the Mondstadt expansion has reportedly been postponed. The location is made known to be a port town with a direct link to Fontaine, indicating that the village would be on Sumeru’s northern tip. The region of the map between Sumeru and Liyue, which is currently inaccessible, has been suggested by fans as a possible route for the expansion. Additionally, the names of various places in Fontaine are revealed by the leak, including “Castle of Tear Water” and “Referee Island,” among others.

While Fontaine’s debut is scheduled for August, many fans have already started to make assumptions about what might be revealed about the areas that come after the aquatic region. One Genshin Impact fan found a secret tunnel in Sumeru that might lead to Natlan, the game’s anticipated sixth zone. One of the earliest official representations of a site in Snezhnaya was featured in the artwork for the Russian Maslenitsa Festival earlier this year. The map of Genshin Impact appears to be expanding in more ways than anticipated during the course of the Fontaine cycle.

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