How to get the Omega Knight Skin in FortniteHow to get the Omega Knight Skin in Fortnite

What is the Omega Knight Skin in Fortnite?

Fortnite has an incredibly versatile selection of skins, both coming from the Item Shop or from the Battle Pass. Some of these skins are collabs between Epic Games and Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc. while others are 100% original skins.

Every time there is an update in Fortnite, leakers such iFireMonkey, Shiina, and Hypex go to town and post the content they manage to datamine. While this may ruin the surprise for some players, this is how we’ve learned about the new Omega Knight Skin that will likely come soon to Fortnite.

Just a few days ago, Fortnite leaker @ShiinaBR has posted a video showcasing the new Omega Knight cosmetics introduced in the last update. You can see their video down below:

From the leaks it appears that the Omega Knight Skin comes with a Pickaxe and a Backbling as well. The backbling is a massive sword. So is the pickaxe. There also seems to be a golden Edit Style called Aurum Eques for Omega Knight, which seems unlockable via challenges.

How to get the Omega Knight Skin in Fortnite

The leaks posted on Twitter after the update was released, suggest that Omega Knight will be a Bundle that you will be able to purchase from the Item Shop with V-Bucks. The bundle is supposed to contain:

  • Omega Knight Skin
  • Knight’s Tourment Pickaxe
  • Knight’s Tourment Backbling
  • Challenges (For extra edit styles)

Completing the challenges from the bundle will allow you to upgrade the skin to various progressive edit styles. The styles are included for Pickaxe and Backbling too. It’s likely that the pickaxe and backbling equipped together results in the Pickaxe being the backbling when not in use, and the backbling disappearing when used, since they’re basically the same item.

To be able to unlock the golden style for Omega Knight, the requirement reads “Complete 28 Omega Knight Quests, Available with Week 4’s Quest Drop, May 24, 2022“.

This has happened before with Summer Skye and her sword pickaxe which is also included in her backbling, and it’s a pretty nice touch.

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