Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 - All Legacies / Achievements

What are Fortnite Achievements / Legacies?

Fortnite has long had achievements for each chapter. Ever since Chapter 2 Season 1, these small achievements, or legacies as Epic Games calls them, have been a great token for you to remember the season you’ve played and the interesting things you’ve done through the season.

Each season in Fortnite has its own set of achievements or legacies. They do usually repeat from one season to another, but all of them are labeled per season and each season gets a different color for the achievements. Fortnite displays your legacies in a beautiful timeline format which you can scroll through to see even your oldest achievements. In a way, using these legacies you can see your entire evolution in Fortnite starting with Chapter 2 Season 1 which was forever ago.

Some legacies are pretty easy to obtain, for example by landing on the map when a new season begins, or by throwing a consumable, etc. Some others, however, tend to be pretty hard and require some work to achieve

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3 Legacies
Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3 Legacies

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 – All Legacies / Achievements

Here are all legacies/achievements Epic Games added in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3:

  • Last Looper Standing: Win a Solo match
  • Lone Warrior: Win 10 Solo matches
  • Battle Hardened: Win 100 Solo matches
  • On the Warpath: Win a Solo match where you scored at least 10 eliminations
  • A Successful Alliance: Win a Duo match
  • United Forces: Win 10 Duo matches
  • Combat Coalition: Win 100 Duo matches
  • Three-Pronged Attack: Win a Trio match
  • Triumphant Trio: Win 10 Trio matches
  • A Triple Tactical Pouncing: Win 100 Trio matches
  • Rally the Troops: Win a Squad match
  • Powerful Battalion: Win 10 Squad matches
  • Tactical Geniuses: Win 100 Squad matches
  • Rumble Rival: Win a Rumble match
  • Rumble Ruler: Win 100 Rumble matches
  • Focused Attacker: Earn two different weapon specialist accolades during the same match

  • Multi-Disciplinarian: Earn three different weapon specialist accolades during the same match
  • Weapons Training Graduate: Earn four different weapon specialist accolades during the same match
  • Cleared for Battle: Earn five different weapon specialist accolades during the same
  • Advanced Artillery Ace: Earn six different weapon specialist accolades during the same
  • Field Combat: Earn seven different weapon specialist accolades during the same
  • Close Combat Champ: Earn Pickaxe Expert
  • SMG Sergeant: Earn SMG Expert
  • This Means W-AR: Earn AR Expert
  • Grenadier General: Earn Grenade Expert
  • Pistol Professional: Earn Pistol Expert
  • Pump Patroller: Earn Shotgun Expert
  • Super Sharpshooter: Earn Sniper Expert
  • Self Care in the Field: Throw a consumable
  • Declaring War on the Water: Catch every type of fish
  • Close Combaxe: Eliminate an opponent with a Harvesting Tool
  • War Effort Supporter: Spend 250 Gold Bars
  • A Co-Opter Contract: Eliminate an opponent who is someone else’s bounty
  • Dogfight Dominator: Eliminate an opponent while they are gliding
  • Recruitment Complete: Meet every character
  • Welcome to the Resistance: Land on the new map in Season 2 Chapter 3
  • Never Surrender: Defend a teammate who has a bounty
  • So Much Power: Catch a Mythic Goldfish
  • Full Coffers: Collect a 1000 Gold Bars
  • Big FIN-ish: Get eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish
  • Aerial Assault: Eliminate an opponent by yeeting them
  • Bringin’ Home the Bounty: Complete a bounty
  • Evasive Maneuvers: Evade a bounty
  • Resupply Reaper: Eliminate an opponent who just opened a Supply Drop
  • Assured Destruction: Eliminate an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish
  • Venerated Veteran: Reach Season Level 100

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