Fortnites Best XP Maps Chapter 4Fortnite's Best XP Maps Chapter 4

In Fortnite, you will mainly get XP through killing adversaries, completing goals, and winning. But there is another option! Fortnite’s exceptional maps are enjoyable for practicing and 1v1ing with friends, but many of them will help you get XP quickly. Here are some of the top Fortnite Chapter 4 XP Maps. Because some maps are not found in the game search, you must play in Private Game to use them!

What are Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3’s top XP Maps?

  1. Blue Pit
  2. 1v1 Legend Wars
  3. One For All
  4. World Cup
  5. Up Deathrun
  6. Ultimate Gun Game
  7. Purple vs Orage
  8. Green vs Black
  9. Double Pump Wars

Blue Pit

Fortnite Blue Pit Fortnite Blue Pit

Map Code: 6111-6894-3771

  • After the map loads, emote near the support a creator button.

→A prop-o-matic pistol will drop, so grab it!

  • In the corner of the map, you will see gold vending machines.

→A fish may be found behind the vending machines.

→You’ll transform if you fire the gun to shoot the fish.

→Interact with the hologram behind the vending machine on your left.

  • Wait 10 minutes after being teleported.

→In the meantime, a purple paint grenade will be added to your inventory.

→Turn around and throw the grenade through the window above the fish sign.

→Grab the nearby remote device.

  • After the countdown ends, enter the code 3-9-2.

→Click the secret button to the right of the final digit.

  • Get to the back of the platform you are currently on.

→In order to interact with the AFK XP button, approach the wall and look up.

  • Go to the platform for additional XP.

→Another hiding button will be located on the platform’s bottom right side.

→Once you press it, you’re done!

1V1 Legend Wars

Fortnite 1V1 Legend Wars Fortnite 1V1 Legend Wars


Map Code: 3919-7478-7217

  • Start the map and interact with the XP button in front of you.
  • Enter the fighting zone through the glass door.
  • Locate the changing booth.

→Place a floor on the left side of the booth.

→Emote while standing on the floor.

→15 herbs will drop, and you need to pick them up.

  • Now turn to the left and up for a hologram.

→Build ramps to interact with the hologram.

  • Go through the door once you’ve been transported to the hidden area.

→A staircase may be seen towards the right.

→Head to the second floor and enter thru the second door.

→Interact with the TV.

  • You will be teleported back.

→You’ll find three boxes nearby.

→Locate the hidden key on top of them.

  • Interact with the button and claim your XP!

One For All

Fortnite One For All Fortnite One For All

Map Code: 0002-3371-2934

    • To begin collecting XP, there are two oysters in front of you with invisible buttons inside.
    • To double your XP, push the button inside the first oyster, then the button inside the second oyster.

World Cup

Fortnite World Cup Fortnite World Cup

Map Code: 6351-2535-5825

  • As the map loads, there is a support a creator button in front of you.
  • On the left side of the map is an achievement board.

→Go to the board’s bottom left corner.

→There is a secret button around the corner.

→Interact with the button.

  • You will be taken to a new location following your interaction with the button.

→A pair of crash pads are in front of you.

→To begin gaining XP, jump in between the crash pads!

Up Deathrun

Fortnite Up Deathrun Fortnite Up Deathrun

Map Code: 1176-5206-0602

  • Load the map and look for a wrecked house near you.

→There is a chest with a secret button within the home.

  • After pressing the button, you will be taken to a hidden room.
  • Hold off until the 10-minute timer passes.

→Move ahead and make a 180-degree turn.

→There is a secret button at the frame’s upper-right corner.

→Get the XP by pressing the button.

Ultimate Gun Game

Fortnite Ultimate Gun Game Fortnite Ultimate Gun Game

Map Code: 9001-1974-4652

  • Once the map begins, you can teleport to a different location with an emote.

→Turn right and search for a descending staircase.

→Start down the stairs in the right-hand corner, then turn to face the ceiling and push the “teleport” button there.

  • Interact with the Unlimited XP button.

→There is a button marked “Bouncer Room 2” on the left.

→Mantle up and interact with the secret button above you.

  • The barrier will be removed after the countdown is completed.

→Use the button above you, the star to your left, and the mantle in the second bouncer room to interact.

→Go to Bouncer Room 1 by interacting with the star on your right.

→Grab your AFK XP there.

Purple vs Orange

Fortnite Purple vs Orange Fortnite Purple vs Orange


Map Code: 1316-5840-7580

  • After the three seconds have passed, put on a grappler and move to the front right of the map to find a sign.
  • A hidden button may be found at the bottom left of the sign. To teleport to the vault, press it.
  • To open the vault, you need a Llama Jewel.

→Turn around, climb the speed boosters, and emote in front of the “support a creator” button to obtain one.

→When you have it, enter the vault again and interact with the hologram there.

  • Wait until the countdown ends, and enter the code 9-3-4.

→Reset the code if you input it incorrectly using the covert button to the right of the final digit.

  • After the correct code is entered, interact with the hidden button on the right.

→When the button has been pressed, turn to the right to locate a barrel with a button on top.

→Finding the last button at the boat’s tip calls for turning left and going downward.

→Use the button to interact and get your XP.

Green vs Black

Fortnite Green vs Black Fortnite Green vs Black


Map Code: 5202-3852-8503

  • Equip a grappler and move to the “support a creator” button once the three seconds have passed.

→Look behind you for a hidden button that unleashes keys.

→Get 10 keys by pressing the button ten times.

  • Approach the hologram to interact with it.
  • It will take ten minutes for the door to open.

→Enter through the entrance at the middle-line-marked wall.

→Examine the ceiling and press the secret button.

  • You’ll be taken to a different location.

→Place 10 ramps up in the top-right corner of the map, then click the button.

  • You will then be moved once more.

→Overcome the wall in front of you by climbing and jumping it.

→Go around the left side wall to discover a cake.

→Interact with the cake to get XP!

Double Pump Wars

Fortnite Double Pump Wars Fortnite Double Pump Wars

Map Code: 9455-9028-9619v76

  • Wait 10 minutes after the map loads until the countdown stops.

→Enter the code 2-1-8 after 10 minutes.

→Confirm by pressing the hidden button to the right of the final digit.

  • On the left side, you will find a hologram.

→Crouch near the hologram and interact with the AFK XP button.

  • Emote in front of the button that says “Support a Creator.”

→Collect 15 items by emoting 15 times.

  • Interact with the hologram once again.

→After being relocated, examine the area for a light post.

→Search for the light post’s secret button.

→Click the button to receive your XP.

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