Fortnite All NPC Locations Chapter 4 Season 3Fortnite: All NPC Locations — Chapter 4 Season 3

A big number of new characters have arrived at the recent Fortnite island along with Chapter 4 Season 3. Knowing where these NPCs are at all times can help you get access to weapons, objectives, and unique finds like rifts and disguises. The locations of every NPC spawn point in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 and where to locate them on the island are listed in this brief and straightforward overview.

Fortnite All NPC Location — Chapter 4 Season 3

  1. Fennix: East of The Citadel
  2. Volpez: Southwest of Brutal Bastion
  3. Innovator Slone: Southeast of Rumble Ruins
  4. Aura: Between Rumble Ruins & Mega City
  5. Nia: Steamy Springs
  6. Guardian Amara: Brutal Bastion
  7. Trace: East of Rumble Ruins
  8. Peely: Shady Stilts
  9. Purradise Meowscles: West of Creeky Compound
  10. Remedy: Frenzy Fields
  11. Triage TrooperSlappy Shores
  12. Kitbash: Breakwater Bay
  13. Beastmode: North of Mega City
  14. Insight: Rumble Ruins
  15. Longshot: West of The Citadel
  16. Munitions Expert: North of Kenjutsu Crossing
Fortnite All NPC Locations Chapter 4 Season 3
Fortnite: All NPC Locations — Chapter 4 Season 3

Meet the characters in person to see what they have to offer, and keep a lookout for any new NPCs that could appear over the season.

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