Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 All Vault Keycard LocationsFortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: All Vault Keycard Locations

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 has brought raptors, Optimus Prime, and ancient ruins to the game. Vault doors may be found among the new ancient ruins locations on the island, usually containing rare treasures behind them. Unlike past vaults, rather than a simple key, you must solve an often perplexing riddle that varies from vault to vault.

In this season, there are seven vaults. Most seasons generally get one vault, but this season there are many to go around. Here’s where they are and how to get inside them using the key.

How to get into vaults in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

The keycard is always the first step in entering any vault in Fortnite. You will never be able to overcome the impenetrable walls and ceiling surrounding it if you do not have it. A Highcard key boss and two of his henchmen may be found at each vault site. They are hostile, and eliminating all of them results in the keycard being dropped. When you reach each section, make sure to discover and get rid of the NPCs in order to obtain the card and go to the vault.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 All Vault Keycard Locations

With the launch of the additional vaults, the island now has two types of vaults. The rounded dots on the above map represent the classic Wildcard Vaults that have been around for a few seasons, however, there are numerous new ones this season. The triangles represent the new puzzle vaults, the answers to which may be found below.

How to unlock Fortnite Vaults in Chapter 4 Season 3

As part of Fortnite, Chapter 4 Season 3, a total of three different kinds of vault doors have been discovered across the island. Each vault door has its own unique puzzle solution.

The sacrificial door is the first type. These vault doors emit a luminous haze and request that you give them a valuable item. You must offer an item of matching or greater rarity to unlock this vault door. The glowing smoke denotes the item’s minimum rarity, with blue, purple, and orange smoke showing depending on whatever vault door you are in front of. This implies you’ll need to use a Rare, Epic, or Legendary weapon or item to unlock the vault.

Fortnite The sacrificial Door

The second vault type includes a statue puzzle. These are generally modest, isolated structures with a vault entrance and two sculptures on the sides. To open the door, you must first choose a suitable statue. The vault door doesn’t give any hints, and there doesn’t appear to be a reliable way to select the right, but picking the wrong statue only throws you into a fissure just above the building. If you choose incorrectly, simply float back down and activate the opposite statue.

Fortnite Statue Puzzle Image Polygon
Fortnite Statue Puzzle Image Polygon

The third kind of door is a little trickier. These doors have a connection to purple-blazing braziers. There are many blazing braziers in the same room, which you may extinguish. Another chamber within the same temple area will have the same style of brazier arrangement, but one of them will already be extinguished. Return to the main room and extinguish the flame in the same area that it was extinguished in the other room. When you extinguish the flame, the vault door will open.

Fortnite The Flame Puzzle
Fortnite The Flame Puzzle

There is always a vault on Loot Island, which especially has no fixed position on the map. Furthermore, this is the only map that cannot be accessed with a keycard. Instead, it takes two ordinary keys (which may be found in chests) to open.

Fortnite Loot Island
Fortnite Loot Island

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