Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary All You Need To Know

The Year 7 Anniversary Broadcast for Dead By Daylight is now airing. Just below, there is a YouTube clip that you may follow along with. The Chapter 28 unveiling, planned gameplay enhancements, and several upcoming surprises will all be shown during this year’s event.

It’s time for a new year of festivities and horror, featuring the 2023 Anniversary event, a revised roadmap, and more, as Dead By Daylight’s Year 7 eventually comes to an end this April. The Anniversary event, which will commemorate the game’s seventh year of existence, will be coming up in just a few months.

Here are some details on this year’s celebrations, such as the Dead By Daylight Year 7 Anniversary Event start time, date, and item available and other events that will be accessible in-game.

Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary Start Time

The anniversary of Dead by Daylight occurs in June, precisely on June 14. Accordingly, the anniversary celebration will start somewhere in the middle of June 2023 and run for most of the month, potentially even into July 2022.

The 2023 anniversary event is anticipated to begin on or around June 21, 2023, based on previous years’ events. The anniversary celebration will likely start around 11 am EST, as is customary with Dead by Daylight events.

Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary Offerings

Developers have produced an event-specific cake-themed item every year since the Year 3-anniversary event that is exclusively available via the Bloodweb during that year’s event.

These can be used after the event, but as each year’s item is different, they can never be obtained again. There is a very good chance that we will receive another special Anniversary event offering in 2023.

Here are some of the previous years’ occasion-specific anniversary cakes:

  • Gruesome Ghateau – Grants 103 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players.
  • Ghastly Ghateau – Grants 104 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players.
  • Sacrificial Cake – Grants 105 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players. Reveals the Aura of the Crown Pillar in purple within 8 meters. Hear an auditory cue whenever the Crown Pillar moves location.
  • Frightful Flan – Grants 106 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players. Reveals the Aura of the Crown Pillar in purple within 8 meters. Hear an auditory cue whenever the Crown Pillar moves location.

Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary Event Rewards And Items

During the 2022 Twisted Masquerade Anniversary event, participants could get Masquerade Masks by interacting with Pillars scattered across the map. Previously, both survivors and killers may uncover Crown Pillars near trials to obtain a Crown cosmetic for their character, no matter whether they escaped as survivors or finished the trial as killers.

Because this year’s event will most likely feature a new theme, it’s conceivable that the Crowns or a new award will be added to the game, but the Masquerade Masks from last year are unlikely to return. As of right now, no in-game gifts for the Dead By Daylight 2023 birthday have been revealed.

Dead By Daylight Anniversary 2023 Chapter Update

A brand new chapter is one of the most significant additions to the Anniversary celebration each year. This normally requires a lot of work and comes with a survivor, a killer, and a new and matching map. Previous chapter DLCs released in conjunction with the anniversary were:

  • A Lullaby for the Dark
  • Curtain Call
  • Ghost Face
  • Silent Hill
  • Resident Evil
  • Roots of Dread

We now know that the next chapter will be End Transmission and will include Gabriel Soma, the new survivor, and The Singularity, the new killer.

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