How to Obtain Every Free Character in Genshin ImpactHow to Obtain Every Free Character in Genshin Impact

With its appealing characters and the gacha mechanic, which makes getting new characters feel like winning the lottery, Genshin Impact tempts players into investing money. However, the game offers you enough free playable heroes to get by even if you don’t want to spend money on the Primogems required to roll for new characters.

It provides you with enough during the first few hours of the game to field a four-person team. To help you solve puzzles or test out various elemental reactions in team competitions, HoYoverse even provides characters of practically every element.


Genshin Impact Amber
Genshin Impact Amber

How to Unlock: Complete the “Winds of the Past” Quest.

Amber is one of the first characters you uncover in the Genshin Impact story. Her kit conflicts in so many ways that it’s tough to recommend building her over any other Pyro unit. Having said that, her long-range Pyro application will assist you in completing numerous riddles in Mondstadt and Liyue.


Genshin Impact Kaeya
Genshin Impact Kaeya

How to Unlock: Complete the “Crash Course” Quest.

You can’t finish the Genshin Impact prologue without recruiting Kaeya, much like Amber. Fortunately, he has some purposes aside from his value in early quests. Kaeya shines as a Cryo Sub DPS due to his Elemental Burst, which remains active even after he leaves the field.

His Skill and Burst cooldown timings are likewise relatively short. As a result, he’s useful for many teams who require Cryo reactions, such as Melt comps. He just doesn’t get as much attention as characters like Rosaria because he doesn’t have the same support skills or as broad an area of effect as Ganyu.


Genshin Impact Lisa
Genshin Impact Lisa

How to Unlock: Complete the “Sparks Amongst the Pages” Quest.

Lisa is another character introduced in the prologue. While her kit is adequate, I do not recommend building her due to the abundance of superior Electro 4-star characters that you will most likely obtain simply by pulling for other characters. Because of her talents’ charge times, aiming difficulties, and other drawbacks, she is outclassed by Fischl and Beidou alone.


Genshin Impact Barbara
Genshin Impact Barbara

How to Unlock: Complete the “A Long Shot” Quest.

Barbara is one of the first characters unlocked after the prologue. After completing “A Long Shot,” the final act of the prologue, you should be able to unlock her in the Events section. Barbara’s healing powers make her an appealing early-game selection, so much so that some players claim she’s better than Kokomi in some situations.

Because of how reliably her Elemental Skill applies Hydro, she can even work well with Taser and Bloom teams. She does, however, have significant drawbacks, such as the fact that her Elemental Skill occasionally freezes teammates when they come into touch with Cryo strikes.


Genshin Impact Xiangling
Genshin Impact Xiangling

How to Unlock: Complete Spiral Abyss Floor 3 Chamber 3.

The Spiral Abyss is unlocked at Adventure Rank 20, thus you can recruit Xiangling at that point. She will be available to recruit in a promotion on the event tab when you finish Floor 3 Chamber 3.

The shining star of the free Genshin Impact characters is the young Xiangling. No one can match how well she can use her Elemental Burst to apply Pyro on adversaries. Every strike from her Pyronado adds Pyro, and it also lets players transfer characters while it’s active. The other Pyro characters either don’t apply as consistently, have a smaller radius of impact, or lack an off-field skill.


Genshin Impact Collei
Genshin Impact Collei

How to Unlock: Complete Spiral Abyss Floor 4 Chamber 3.

Collei is a solid unit that can handle all of your Dendro Sub DPS requirements in a variety of team configurations. Unlike Amber, whose kit is similar to hers, her skill and burst should be useful because they induce enough elemental reactions and have a sufficient range.

Collei, Yaoyao, and the impending Kaveh are the only Dendro 4-stars you can count on at the moment. Dendro Traveler is a suitable stand-in if you don’t like Collei’s playing style or don’t have the funds to raise her right away. Some players even combine Dendro Traveler and Collei to produce Dendro continuously.

More Ways To Get Free Characters

The Paimon Shop has a changing collection of four-star characters available for purchase with Starglitter. That is, assuming you have enough Starglitter to claim one of them. Starglitter may only be obtained by pulling on banners.

Limited-Time Free Characters

Every update or so, there are free, temporary characters. Like the yearly Lantern Rite Festival, Genshin Impact will periodically hold an event that provides a free character. Participants in Lantern Rite are rewarded with a selection of 4-star Liyue characters. When Collei made her debut, she also made an appearance as a free unit at an event. Collei is currently a character who remains free.

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