Uncharted 4 Hangmans Bullet Trophy Guide Perform 20 headshots from the ropeUncharted 4 - Hangman's Bullet Trophy Guide - Perform 20 headshots from the rope

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has multiple trophies you can obtain, and if you wanna get the platinum trophy you must get all of the trophies in the game. This includes the trophy we’re going to cover in this Uncharted guide, called Hangman’s Bullet.

This trophy requires you to perform 20 headshots from the rope. This can be a bit tricky so follow this guide to easily get this trophy on your way to the Platinum. There are multiple places this trophy can be farmed in, but we’ve found out the following combo to work best if you wanna get the trophy fast. I found the quickest way is to do this in Chapter 10.

Follow the steps below to easily get the Hangman’s Bullet Trophy

  1. Using Encounter Select, load up the Drawbridge encounter from Chapter 10.
  2. In that encounter, there are two rope points (the beams with white rope around them that you can hook). Both work, but I use the one from the right side of the map.
  3. Hook your rope and swing in the opposite direction from where the rope goes (top make it stop swinging).
  4. Activate Slow Motion Tweak for added aim improvement!
  5. Draw your pistol and start spamming the enemy’s heads.


  • Always do this on the Explorer difficulty otherwise you’ll be dead in no time.
  • Disable Auto Aim in Options -> Controls because otherwise, it will target their body instead of the head.
  • DO NOT kill the last enemy. If you do, the encounter will finish and progress will be lost. When you reach the last 2 enemies, Restart Checkpoint. Rinse and repeat.
  • Do not restart the encounter. If you use Restart Encounter the progress will reset. Use Restart Chapter instead.
  • Do not leave the encounter to the main menu until you have all 20 headshots done. Progress doesn’t save.
Uncharted 4 Hangman's Bullet Trophy
Uncharted 4 – Hangman’s Bullet Trophy

Video Tutorial For Hangman’s Bullet

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