Uncharted 4 Butterfingers Trophy Guide Make 10 enemies drop their grenadesUncharted 4 - Butterfingers Trophy Guide - Make 10 enemies drop their grenades

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has multiple trophies you can obtain, and if you wanna get the platinum trophy you must get all of the trophies in the game. This includes the trophy we’re going to cover in this Uncharted guide, called Butterfingers.

This trophy requires you to make 10 enemies drop their grenades. To do this, you must shoot them at the right moment. When the enemy takes out the grenade and prepares to throw it to you, shoot them. this will stagger the enemy for a few seconds making them drop the grenade which will then blow up and kill the enemy.

The ideal place to farm this trophy in Uncharted 4 is the Encounter: Market Escape in Chapter 11. If you’ve completed the game at least once on any difficulty, you should have the option for Chapter Select and Encounter Select.

Follow the steps below to get the Butterfingers trophy the easy way:

  1. In Main Menu use Encounter Select and load the Market Escape encounter.
  2. At the start of the encounter, you and Sully will face 3 enemies. You must be quick and kill the 2 enemies on the left.
  3. After killing those two, the third one from the right will try to throw a grenade. Time your shooting when he is about to throw.
  4. Restart checkpoint and repeat until you’ve done it 10 times!

Important Tips:

  • You can activate the Bullet Speed Mode tweak which will make enemies move in slow motion when you aim. This can help get the perfect shot.
  • Do not take too much time to kill the 2 enemies on the left, otherwise, Sully might kill the one with the grenade.
  • Do not use Restart Encounter. Use Restart Checkpoint instead. If you restart the encounter the progress will reset. Also do not quit to Main Menu until you have 10 in a row because the progress will not save.

Video tutorial for Butterfingers Trophy

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