Where to find Jonesy The First in FortniteWhere to find Jonesy The First in Fortnite

If where to find Jonesy The First is what interests you, I will assume that you have already completed the prerequisite challenge of finding and talking to 5 Joneses in Fortnite, but in case you have not, I will provide information on how you can complete it down below, so keep on reading.

How to unlock the Jonesy Duel Spire Challenge in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2?

In order to unlock this challenge, you need to first complete the “Talk to Joneses” epic challenge (purple). This one requires you to find 5 different Jonesy snapshots (NPCs) on the map. You can easily find them as they are scattered all over the map. When you talk to them, they will have an option to talk about the spire, usually the left-most option in the interactive menu when you talk to them. It has a question mark icon in the menu. For the conversation to count towards the mission, you need to press on it multiple times so that the whole conversation takes place.

Where can I find Joneses to talk to in Fortnite?

You can find the 5 Joneses you need to talk to in the following locations:

  • Lazy Lake – At one of the houses in Lazy Lake, close to the Gas Station. There’s a Jonesy there.
  • Close to Colossal Crops (there’s a Jonesy nearby that is wearing a dinosaur costume and says “Rawr or something” when you interact with him).
  • At Pleasant Park, there is Jonesy the First in one of the northern houses. Check the photo from below for reference, you will also need to duel with this one later.
  • In the northern part of Coral Castle, you can find Wreck Raider, another Jonesy snapshot.
  • At Sweaty Sands you can find Suntan Specialist, a beach-dressed Jonesy.

Where to find Jonesy The First in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6?

Once you have completed the “Talk to Joneses”, the first time you go back to the lobby you should have a new epic quest that asks you to find Jonesy The First. He’s the one from Pleasant Park and you will also duel Jonesy The First in the next level of this challenge. For the “Find Jonesy The First” part of the quest, you just need to talk to him. No duel yet. Once you do talk to him, you will be able to duel him from the interactive menu.

His location is always on the northern leftmost house in Pleasant Park and he seems to spawn every time. He can be found patrolling inside the house, rarely getting outside. Do make sure not to shoot him or pickaxe him though. Jonesy like all the rest of the Fortnite NPCs will attack if you shoot him or pickaxe him, even if you do it by mistake. If you enter the house and another player lands there too, do not fight near Jonesy. A stray bullet may trigger him to shoot you and you won’t be able to calm him down to be able to talk to him for the challenge. Move the fight outside.

Check out the photo below with the exact location of Jonesy The First in Pleasant Park in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.


Jonesy The First Location Fortnite

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