Fortnite Legacies Season 6 Chapter 2

All Fortnite achievements and legacies in Season 6 Chapter 2 from v16.0 onwards were revealed, and if you wanna complete your Career tab with even more delightful bragging rights, make sure to get these legacies before the end of the season which is on June 8th, 2021.

What are Fortnite Legacies and achievements?

Fortnite Battle Royale doesn’t have trophies on consoles or PC, which is reserved for Fortnite Save The World. So in order to reward the great feats of the players, Fortnite has a Legacies system in the career tab. It stores all the achievements the player gets through the seasons and it shows them in a nice chronological timeline. The timeline gives a different color for each season, with blue being Season 1 Chapter 2, gold being Season 2 Chapter 2, etc.

Season 4 Chapter 2 has a nice particularity. Its achievements are colored with Marvel red because it was a Marvel-themed season. At any rate, these achievements are usually not very hard to obtain, at least most of them. There are some Fortnite legacies very few people have, and the rarest of them are by far the ones that involve either catching the Mythical fish, eliminating a player with it, or being eliminated by another player using the Mythical fish.

For the rest of the achievements, some are literally being thrown at you when you first log in to the new season (like the ones you get for visiting the new map, or the weapon accolades), while some require a lot of grinding and repetitive actions to be completed. Here is a list with all possible legacies or achievements for your Career tab on Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 Chapter 2. This season’s theme is Primal.

  • Get Out! — Eliminated an opponent by Yeeting them during Season 6.
  • To-Go — Threw a consumable during Season 6.
  • Armory Expert — Earned 5 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match during Season 6.
  • Dual Wield — Earned 2 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match during Season 6.
  • Extra Specialist — Earned 6 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match during Season 6.
  • Triple Threat — Earned 3 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match during Season 6.
  • Afishionado — Caught every type of fish during Season 6.
  • Big Spender — Spent 250 Bars during Season 6.
  • Bountiful — Completed a bounty during Season 6.
  • Crafty — Crafted a weapon during Season 6.
  • High Roller — Collected 1000 Bars during Season 6.
  • Level Up — Reached Season Level 225 during Season 6.
  • On the Hunt — Hunted wildlife during Season 6.
  • Pocket Change — Collected all the coins from a Purple XP Coin during Season 6.
  • Primal Discovery — Landed at the new map in Season 6.
  • Aim High — Eliminated an opponent while they were gliding during Season 6.
  • Bonk — Eliminated an opponent with a Harvesting Tool during Season 6.
  • Denied! — Eliminated an opponent who just opened a Supply Drop during Season 6.
  • Social Butterfly — Met every Character during Season 6.
  • It Takes Two — Won 100 Duos matches during Season 6.
  • Squad Goals — Won a Squad match during Season 6.
  • Teamwork — Won a Team Rumble match during Season 6.
  • Weapons Expert — Earned 7 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match during Season 6
  • Well Armed — Earned 4 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match during Season 6.
  • Axpert — Earned Pickaxe Expert during Season 6.
  • Blasted — Earned Explosives Expert during Season 6.
  • Dual Fingers — Earned Pistol Expert during Season 6.
  • Extra  Yard — Earned Sniper Expert during Season 6.
  • Gunner — Earned AR Expert during Season 6.
  • Hot Shot — Earned Shotgun Expert during Season 6.
  • Double Trouble — Won 10 Duos matches during Season 6.
  • Gimme Ten — Won 10 Solo matches during Season 6.
  • TenSpot — Won a Solo match with at least 10 eliminations during Season 6.
  • Trinity — Won a Trios match during Season 6.
  • Twofer — Won a Duos match during Season 6.
  • Ultimate Trio — Won 100 Trios matches during Season 6.
  • Won One — Won a Solo match during Season 6.
  • Sub Specialist — Earned SMG Expert during Season 6.
  • Big Three — Won 10 Trios matches during Season 6.
  • Centurion — Won 100 Solo matches during Season 6.
  • Century Squad — Won 100 Squad matches during Season 6.
  • Decimation — Won 10 Squad matches during Season 6.
  • Dreamwork — Won 100 Team Rumble matches during Season 6.

What do I get from earning Fortnite Legacies / achievements?

Good question. Well, unfortunately, there’s no reward system in place. All you get is the legacy itself in your timeline. It’s good for bragging rights, as these achievements remain forever on your account and you can scroll to the left in your Career tab and see all the legacies you have ever since you started playing Fortnite, or rather, ever since they added the legacies system. They are there to remind you of the fun you had during each season and they are nice, but I sometimes wish Fortnite Battle Royale had real PlayStation or Xbox trophies, unfortunately, it does not.

Be sure to also complete your challenges this season, as those give you the real benefits. You gain XP which you use to level up in Fortnite and obtain the Battle Pass items. Here’s an example of how to find the 5 Joneses you need for one of the epic challenges this season.

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