How to talk to a soccer character in FortniteHow to talk to a soccer character in Fortnite

The “Talk to a soccer character” is the first Neymar JR quest that unlocks the Soccer Ball toy which is a Rare rarity cosmetic. The quest is now live in Fortnite and it’s not timed, which means that you can attempt to do this quest anytime you want until the end of the Season 6.

How to Talk to a soccer character in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2?

In order to complete this challenge, you need to talk with either one of the available soccer players on the Fortnite island. The available NPCs are scattered all across the map in major cities, but the most accessible ones are the following:

  • Galactico – At Pleasant Park soccer field.
  • Derby Dominator – You can find this NPC in the east corner of Holly Hedges on the football pitch.
  • Shot Stopper – This one is available on the east corner of Dirty Docks.

Those are all the NPC soccer characters you can interact with to complete the Neymar JR quest.

How to Talk to a soccer character in Fortnite

Where to find Galactico soccer character?

Galactico can be found at Pleasant Park soccer field. That’s on the southern side of the Pleasant Park and it’s a very large green field. Pleasant Park and its soccer field is one of the oldest POIs on the Fortnite map and it has been carried over from the Chapter 1 map. The area is very rich in loot as there are several houses and buildings in the area which provide great coverage and good quality loot if you want to dominate the location.

Galactico will be found patrolling the Pleasant Park field. Once you approach the NPC, you just have to press square on PS4, or whatever button you have set for interacting with objects and NPCs and initiate the conversation.

TIP: This area will very likely be full of other hostile players trying to do the same quest, so go there prepared. It’s best to land on the rooftop of one of the houses in Pleasant Park and load up with a weapon, some ammo and shield. It’s also best to avoid landing directly on the soccer field. Half the lobby will probably land there as it is one of the best known football pitches in the game. I would actually advise you to go to one of the other places which are far less known and visited.

Talk to a soccer character Fortnite Neymar JR Quest

Where to find Derby Dominator soccer character?

Derby Dominator NPC can be found on the small football pitch at Holly Hedges which is in the side yard of a house. Derby Dominator, just like Galactico may not always spawn there. It seems that the spawn rate for the soccer NPCs is about 50/50. If you land here, be sure to get a weapon first because many other players will land here too.

If you get in a fight with other players while landing near Derby Dominator, try to lure the opponent away from the NPC because a stray bullet from you or from your opponent will trigger Derby Dominator to start shooting you both and you won’t be able to talk to her anymore to complete the quest in this match.

Derby dominator may also give you soccer-related side-quests for gold. You don’t have to do them, but if you’re short on gold, you might just do it. The quests usually ask you to get goals with the toy soccer ball you’ve unlocked.

Here’s how Derby Dominator NPC looks like in the game.

How to find Derby Dominator NPC in Fortnite

Where to find Shot Stopper soccer character?

The Shot Stopper NPC is available on the tiny soccer field at Dirty Docks. She, like all the rest of the Fortnite NPCs, may or may not spawn in your match. The spawn rate seems random for all NPCs. This is probably going to be the least busy zone for this quest, as most people don’t even know there is a soccer field at Dirty Docks. It’s not the best place for a soccer field either.

The soccer field at Dirty Docks is facing the ocean on the far East side of the Dirty Docks map. Just like Galactico and Derby Dominator, Shot Stopper can give you side quests for gold. You can also duel her for his weapon, but do keep in mind that she has a lot of health and pretty good aim.

Just like with Galactico and Derby, if a player shoots or pickaxes the NPC, it will get into an offensive mode and will start shooting too. If she does, you won’t be able to talk to him anymore for the quest.

Here’s how Shot Stopper looks like in the game:

Find Shot Stopper in Fortnite Season 6

Unlocking the Soccer Ball Toy in Fortnite

Once you have talked to at least one of the 3 soccer characters available in Fortnite, you will instantly get a notification on the left side of the screen telling you that the quest is now complete and that you have unlocked the soccer ball toy, part of the Neymar JR set in Fortnite.

TIP: This toy seems to not be new. It sports the old Fortnite “F” logo, and it also says “Introduced in Season 5” on its locker description. It seems that it was first made available in Season 5 Chapter 1.

Here’s what you should see once the quest is complete.

Neymar JR Soccer Ball Toy

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