How to complete quests from Soccer characters Neymar JR QuestsHow to complete quests from Soccer characters (Neymar JR Quests)

To complete quests from Soccer characters, you first need to complete the “Talk to a soccer character” quest in order to obtain the soccer ball toy which you need in order to complete the quests the NPCs will give you, which are all soccer-related. We have put together a guide on how to complete the talk to a soccer character prerequisite quest. Check it out.

Fortnite has announced on the official Fortnite Twitter account that all the set cosmetics are now available for Battle Pass owners to unlock by completing the quests, so be sure to grab yours.

Where to find soccer characters to get quests?

Just like on the previous quest where you had to talk to soccer characters, there are only 3 NPCs that are considered soccer characters. These 3 NPCs can give you various football-related quests, like scoring a goal with the soccer ball toy.

You can find the soccer character NPCs in the following locations on the Fortnite map:

  • Galactico – At Pleasant Park soccer field.
  • Derby Dominator – You can find this NPC in the east corner of Holly Hedges on the football pitch.
  • Shot Stopper – This one is available on the east corner of Dirty Docks.

Talk To Soccer character Fortnite Location

How to complete quests from Soccer characters

Once you found one of the soccer NPCs, interact with them by pressing Square on PlayStation 4, or the appropriate button on your PC or console. You will get an interactive menu where you can choose different quests from the NPC, or you can Duel with them. Do not choose the duel option because that one isn’t counted towards the 5 quests you have to complete and if you get defeated, you’re back to lobby. Even if you win the duel, you won’t be able to get quests from that NPC anymore as they die.

Usually, the quests these NPCs give are very easy and can be done on the spot on the soccer field you already are on. Do keep in mind that you will need your soccer ball toy, so if you haven’t unlocked it first you may need to.

You have to complete 5 separate quests from soccer characters.

Here’s an example of how to complete the “Score a goal with soccer ball toy” quest given by Derby Dominator NPC.

To complete this quest, follow these steps:

  • Approach Derby Dominator
  • Choose “Score a goal with soccer ball toy” from her menu.
  • Start the quest by pressing the “Like” button that appears.
  • Go in front of the goalpost, preferably in the center, and keep a bit of distance from it.
  • Rapidly press the emote button twice. On PlayStation 4, that is the arrow down button on the left D-Pad.
  • Your character will shoot the ball and if it hits the goalpost, you will see a lot of confetti flying.
  • Done. Now you should get the question completed and a few gold bars.

Each soccer NPC offers two quests per match. You can, however, go from one to another to do multiple quests in one match. You have 60 minutes to complete the quest once it starts, and it does carry over from a match to another.

Score a goal with soccer toy in Fortnite

How to unlock Neymar Jr Skin / Outfit?

You unlock the black-shirt Neymar Jr outfit / skin in Fortnite by completing all 5 quests from soccer characters. Once you go back to the lobby, you will have the skin in your locker, assuming you have the Battle Pass purchased.

Unlocking the Neymar Jr outfit is actually a prerequisite for the “Distance drop kicking the soccer ball toy as Neymar Jr” quest which upon completion will grant you the Joia Trophy back bling.

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