Raptor Location In Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 PrimalRaptor Location In Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 Primal

The raptors are a species of relatively small but extremely fast dinosaurs. They’ve arrived on the map starting Week 2 or 3 in Season 6 Chapter 2 which is called “Primal”. Of course, they are scattered all across the Fortnite map and you may encounter them at the wrong moment. If you do, you have to keep in mind that raptors in Fortnite are particularly powerful and their attack can easily kill you if you’re not prepared.

They seem to soak bullets quite a lot before dying and they usually attack in groups, making them all that worse. While some people claim they can only be found in the Primal part of the map (the one with orange grass and trees), that is not true. Raptors spawn randomly on the Fortnite map and it’s likely that you will encounter them even in modern areas like Misty Meadows or Pleasant Park.

Can you tame the Raptors in Fortnite?

Yes. Raptors can be tamed with the right tool, and they are actually a good advantage for the player because their speed and their powerful attack can eliminate opponents, or at least keep them busy while you 3rd-party them. All in all, Raptors are easy to tame and they make a great addition in Solo, Duos, Trios or Squad matches.

You can leverage their powerful attacks pretty easily by crafting a Hunter’s Cloak. The Hunter’s Cloak is a very easy-to-craft item, but if you wear it, no animal touches you. Not even the raptors or the wolves. Normally, raptors and wolves do attack you and can be quite deadly. The cloak makes them simply ignore you. You can go near them and then hold the square button (or E on PC, etc) to tame the animal.

Can you tame Raptors and wolves in Fortnite without Hunter’s Cloak?

You can, but you have more than an 80% chance you’ll fail or get killed by the animal. If you don’t have the cloak and you don’t have materials to craft it either, you may do with only meat. You throw the meat at the animal without being seen or getting too close, then wait for the animal to go eat it.

While the animal eats, you may crouch and slowly approach the wildlife to attempt to tame them. This can work, but it’s not very reliable. If the animal for some reason detects you as a threat (which they will likely do), you may get attacked. Now wolves are relatively easy to kill and deal moderate amounts of damage per bite, but if you do this with a raptor, you may get back to the lobby faster than you can say “dead”.

Fortnite Raptors attacking the player in group
Fortnite Raptors attacking the player in group

So the recommended method to tame them is by first crafting Hunter’s Cloak which will make all wildlife very calm around you.

How to craft the Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2?

In order to craft this item, you need two ingredients: a piece of meat and a bone. Bones you can buy from the dyno-costumed Jonesy (close to Colossal Crops), but it’s easier to just kill a chicken which will give you both.

For the crafting, you just need 1 bone and 1 meat piece so killing just 1 chicken is enough. Killing frogs does not grant either of these items. If you cannot find chicken, killing a boar, wolf or raptor also gives you meat and bones. If you had to choose, you’d go with the chicken as it is harmless and doesn’t attack back. Then the boar, but the boar can attack you (although the damage is not that big).

Once you have the ingredients, open the Inventory, then go to the second tab called “Crafting” and select the meat from your inventory. With the meat selected, press craft. It takes a few seconds but a new item will be created called Hunter’s Cloak which you can activate (select it and press the shooting button, R2 on Playstation).

Upon activation, some fumes will rise from your clothes. That smell apparently keeps the animals calm near you and now you can tame any wildlife you want, including the dreaded Raptors.

How to craft Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite
How to craft Hunters Cloak in Fortnite

Where to find Raptors in Season 6 Chapter 2: Primal?

Raptors have a random spawn rate, so they may not always spawn in the place you found them last time, however, as can be seen from the map below provided by fortnite.gg, you can usually find raptors in the following locations:

  • North-West of Stealthy Stronghold.
  • South-West of Stealthy Stronghold.
  • North of Orchard on the hill that has the Weather station building.
  • West of the Orchard on the road.
  • North-West of Boney Burbs.
  • South of Sweaty Sand near the pond.
  • North of Holly Hedges on the hill.
  • North-West outskirts of the Weeping Woods.
  • North-East outskirts of the Weeping Woods.
  • East of the Weeping Woods on the orange hill (3 packs there).
  • Around Apres Ski resort West of Misty Meadows.
  • North and South of Catty Corner on the hills.
  • South of Retail Row near the road.
  • North of Retail Row on the hill.
All raptor locations Fortnite
All raptor locations Fortnite
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