Fortnite All NPC Locations - Chapter 3 Season 2

What are Fortnite NPCs?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is here, and with it comes a brand new slew of NPCs you can meet on the map. These NPCs could prove very useful as they always sell valuables for gold. Some of these NPCs can also be employed to work with you during that match, and while they are not any better than your average bot, they can do some damage.

NPCs have been around in Fortnite for quite some time now. I think they first started in Chapter 2 Season 5. Fortnite NPCs are usually season-related, and they are usually friendly unless you shoot at them.

NPCs will always have a dialog box icon on top of their head. If the dialog icon changes to an exclamation mark, it means the NPC is no longer friendly and it will shoot you.

Some of the NPCs are giving quests you can do for gold, while others are required for completing your weekly or daily quests. Every time you interact with an NPC they give you a random item as a gift. This item can range from heals and shields to materials or other consumables.

Fortnite All NPC Locations – Chapter 3 Season 2

    • The Origin – The Sanctuary
    • The Imagined – Usually spawns at one of the Seven Outposts.
    • The Visitor – At Launchpad, northeast of Sanctuary.
    • The Scientist – In the garage at Synapse Station.
    • Agent Jones – Usually spawns at one of the Seven Outposts.
    • The Foundation – Patrolling the south region of Sanctuary.
    • Bunker Jones – In The Joneses. Spawns randomly.
    • Ludwig – In The Joneses. Spawns randomly.
    • Brainiac – The Joneses. Spawns randomly.
    • Mullet Marauder – In The Joneses. Spawns randomly.
    • Jonesy The First – In The Joneses. Spawns randomly.

    • Cuddle Team Leader – Camp Cuddle, in the cabin near the wood bridge.
    • Metal Team Leader – Camp Cuddle, inside the metal cabin. Spawns randomly.
    • Cuddlepool – Camp Cuddle, inside the red cabin. Spawns randomly.
    • Quackling – Camp Cuddle, inside the yellow cabin. Spawns randomly.
    • Guaco – Greasy Grove, inside a yellow house.
    • Lil Whip – Coney Crossroads.
    • Bao Bros – Condo Canyon.
    • Tomatohead – Tilted Towers, in a building near the soccer field.
    • Mancake – Rocky Reels
    • Peely – In The Daily Bugle, hiding in the central newspaper office
    • Gunnar – Inside Command Cavern. Warning! This NPC will attack on sight.
    • Huntmaster Saber – Inside the Airship above Command Cavern. Warning! This NPC will attack on sight.
    • Doctor Slone – The Fortress.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 NPC Locations Map

Here are all NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 on the map. If you have trouble finding an NPC, please refer to the map for a more accurate location.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season2 NPC Locations on Map


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