Dead By Daylight Ranks Rewards and GradesDead By Daylight Ranks, Rewards and Grades

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric 1v4 game where a group of 4 survivors does tasks in an attempt to escape from the grasp of the killer appointed by the Entity. The game revolves around the idea that both the survivors and the killer are there against their will and must complete their tasks in endless life or death trials cast upon them by the entity.

The survivors never truly escape. The loop repeats and the Entity forces them to face their possible death times and times again. Even when the survivor dies, it’s just another trial and the Entity will force them to do more and more anyways.

Does this mean nobody really dies in Dead By Daylight?

Yes. It’s a form of punishment from The Entity. They cannot have the sweet release of death because every death brings them back to the same hell doing the same tasks in an attempt to survive. There is a catch though, they can still feel pain, they can still be afraid or even terrified, so they must do their best to minimize their number of deaths because it still hurts. Sounds like fun, ain’t it?

Dead by Daylight Ranks, Grades, and Rewards

Like many multiplayer games, Dead By Daylight has a ranking system. The ranking system resets the rank every 13th of the month and depending on how many rank levels you’ve progressed you will receive a reward consisting of bloodpoints.

Bloodpoints are used to progress the blood weeb which gives your survivors or killers various perks, offerings, addons and tools they can bring in matches. The better the blood web level of a character, the better the rewards. You also need to be at least Level 15 on the blood web in order to unlock the 4th perk slot. Populating the perk slots with good perks can seriously make the difference in the game both as a killer or as a survivor.

The Grades come in 5 different levels, you first start at Ash and go down to Iridescent which is the best. Each grade level has 4 sub-grades. So you can be Ash IV, or you can be Gold II, etc. You progress from IV to I before going to the next grade rarity.

  1. Ash
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Iridescent

There are 20 Ranks, each 4 of them corresponding to a grade. Ranks are determined by how many Pips or Points In Progression you get. In a match, depending on how you performed, you may lose or earn or keep points. Doing the tasks well rewards medals for 5 different categories at the end of the game. Aim for the Silver or better medals.

Here are all the ranks progressing from the worst (Ash IV) to the best Iridescent (I):

  • Ash IV – Rank 20
  • Ash III – Rank 19
  • Ash II – Rank 18
  • Ash I – Rank 17
  • Bronze IV – Rank 16
  • Bronze III – Rank 15
  • Bronze II – Rank 14
  • Bronze I – Rank 13
  • Silver IV – Rank 12
  • Silver III – Rank 11
  • Silver II – Rank 10
  • Silver I – Rank 9
  • Gold IV – Rank 8
  • Gold III – Rank 7
  • Gold II – Rank 6
  • Gold I – Rank 5
  • Iridescent IV – Rank 4
  • Iridescent III – Rank 3
  • Iridescent II – Rank 2
  • Iridescent I – Rank 1

Dead By Daylight Rank Rewards

Every 13th of the month, the rank resets back to Ash IV for everybody, and depending on how you progressed, you will receive your reward in bloodpoints. Here are all the rewards you can get:

  • Ash IV – 10.000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash III – 20.000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash II – 35.000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash I – 50.000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze IV – 100.000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze III – 125.000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze II – 150.000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze I – 175.000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver IV – 250.000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver III – 280.000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver II – 310.000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver I – 340.000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold IV – 400.000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold III – 450.000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold II – 500.000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold I – 550.000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent IV – 700.000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent III – 800.000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent II – 900.000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent I – 100.000.000 Bloodpoints

Remember that the Killer Rank and the Survivor Rank are separated in the game. This means you will receive a reward for both categories according to the progress you’ve made. That can be a lot of bloodpoints!

Here you can see the pop-up that shows up each month on the 14th telling you about the bloodpoint rewards you’ve received in both Killer and Survival categories.

Dead By Daylight Rank Rewards Screen
Dead By Daylight Rank Rewards Screen

You can also check your own or another player’s Dead By Daylight statistics on this website.

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