Dead By Daylight How to Get Adept Nurse Trophy For PlatinumDead By Daylight - How to Get Adept Nurse Trophy (For Platinum)

If you are aiming for the Platinum trophy in Dead By Daylight, at first, congratulations, you are a brave one, and second, may the Entity have mercy on your poor soul. Having obtained the Platinum for Dead By Daylight myself, I can tell you right from the bat, that this is not an easy endeavor, but it’s totally worth it.

To be able to obtain the Platinum trophy in Dead By Daylight, you will need to obtain all the rest of the trophies in the base game. You will NOT need to obtain any trophy in the DLCs, just the base game where the Platinum is.

Amongst the plethora of trophies, you need to obtain, the Nurse trophies are by far the hardest to obtain. You will need a lot of grinding for the Adept Nurse trophy, but From the Void She Kills and In the Void She Walks trophies are not easy either. One requires a ton of grinding (getting 100 hits right after blinking), and the other requires you to get extremely lucky and have some add-ons.

What is the Adept Nurse Trophy?

Contrary to what you may find on other websites, Adept trophies do not require a 4K (killing all 4 survivors) in the trial. At the same time, getting 4 kills in the same trial does not guarantee an adept trophy.

As a survivor, the Adept trophies require you to just escape and have equipped only the 3 basic perks of the character. For killers, adept trophies are way more complicated than that. There are multiple requirements, but it breaks down to being able to obtain +2 PIPS at the end of the trial from emblems.

To be able to get +2 PIPS, you need to chase the survivors quite a lot, you need to obtain at least 8-9 hooks (which means you have to avoid camping the hook), you need to slow down gens (by applying pressure through hooks, chases and kicking the gens), and you have to kill at least 3 of the survivors.

The adept trophy requires you to obtain the Merciless Killer result in the results screen.

TIP: Avoid camping the hook as much as you can. Not only camping the hook lowers your score in time, but if the person dies on the hook from the first hook, you lose potentially 2 more hooks from that survivor which will cost you dearly for the emblem at the end.

Hook them and leave them alone, go chase or find someone else, or go check gens. Once they are unhooked, go find them. If you do this with all 4 survivors you guarantee at least 8 hooks out of them.

How hard it is to get the Adept Nurse trophy?

The Nurse is one of the hardest killers to master in Dead By Daylight. She’s like no other killer. Some people compare her to mastering Hillbilly, but the thing about Hillbilly is that if you don’t want to learn his chainsaw attack, you just don’t. Just chase the survivors normally and hit them with your hammer.

This is not possible with the Nurse. She is much slower than any other killer. In fact, her base speed is slower than a survivor. Chasing survivors this way will get you nowhere because they can literally outrun you with ease.

You absolutely have to learn how to blink (teleport) with her. Unfortunately, blinking is a hard skill to master. After every blink, the Nurse gets a few seconds of stun with diminished FOV too, so every missed blink will cost you dearly.

It’s not impossible to learn how to use the blinking and get the adept trophy, but unlike the rest of the killers, this one requires some training first. You won’t get it as a baby Nurse, not without a few good matches where you learn how to use her powers, and their limitations.

The Nurse is also the most broken killer in the game. By that, I mean that once you master her and become great with her, you’re very much unstoppable. It’s extremely hard to counter a god Nurse. She’s also the only killer who, for some reason, can teleport to the exit area with the gates closed.

The Nurse's default Perks - Stridor, A Nurse's Calling, and Thanatophobia
The Nurse’s default Perks – Stridor, A Nurse’s Calling, and Thanatophobia

How to get the Adept Nurse Trophy in Dead by Daylight?

If you are aiming for the Adept Nurse trophy, the following game plan should help you a lot in getting it, especially if you are new to the Nurse. There are certain maps that work best with Nurse, and others that are very hard for her. Avoid ALL interior maps if you are new to the Nurse. They are confusing and hard to navigate.

TIP: Try for an open map. An offering for Autoheaven (Azarov’s Resting Place), also known as Wraith’s map, is best for Nurse. Badham preschool is a good alternative. The Forsaken Boneyard map (the one with the desert and crows) works well too. Just avoid Giddeon, Midwitch, and Raccoon City, especially Raccoon City.

    • Equip only the Nurse’s default 3 perks. Those are Stridor, A Nurse’s Calling, and Thanatophobia. Equipping any other perk will cancel the trophy!
    • You can have any add-ons and any offerings you want! They do not affect the trophy. I recommend the Matchbox addon which bumps her speed from 3.2 m/s to 4.2 m/s at the expense of removing one blink. This makes chases doable. Spasmodic Breath addon is also great, it allows you to move at 4.6 m/s (like the rest of the killers) after hitting one survivor with the blink attack, but it disables blinking for 60 seconds. Still, this makes chases very doable.

    • If you don’t use addons that limit the number of blinks, try to chain the blinks. You can chain 2 blinks in rapid succession if you do it quickly before she gets stunned. Always use the first blink to close the distance, and the second to hit.
    • Blink to the generators to check them regularly. Gen rushers will profit that you are the Nurse and attempt to do a lot of gens fast.
    • If you don’t have the muscle memory for the blink distance, use the Plaid Flannel addon (very common), it will show a target on the map where your blink will land you. I recommend combining Plaid Flannel + Spasmodic Breath or Matchbox addons.
    • Her default perks are good, use them. Nurse’s calling lets you know when you are near players that are being healed! Thanatophobia is good for gen slow down and Stridor makes the grunts of pain and the breathing of injured survivors louder so you can easily track them down.

Additionally, you can use addons that increase the time before the fatigue sets in, such as Pocket Watch. You may also use Wooden Horse which decreases extra fatigue from missed Blink attacks by 50%. Fragile Wheeze and Ataxic Respiration are also good for blinking.

Dead By Daylight Adept Nurse Trophy on PlayStation 4
Dead By Daylight – Adept Nurse Trophy on PlayStation 4

How hard it is to get the Adept Nurse trophy? (Video Guide)

Additionally, you can watch the video guide below to get the grip on how to play Nurse and what techniques to use. It takes a long time to master, but it really depends on how good are you at the game in general. Knowing what the survivor’s next move might be is crucial for the Nurse players.

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