Every Upcoming Leaked Character in Genshin Impact 2023Every Upcoming Leaked Character in Genshin Impact 2023

Many insiders in the community, including those from Fontaine like Focalors and Wriothesley, revealed a lot of information regarding the impending Genshin Impact characters over the previous few months. Images of a few creatures that are anticipated to be revealed in one of the Fontaine updates are included in some of the information. According to leaks, HoYoverse plans to soon make a new Fatui Harbinger playable in Genshin Impact.

Except for a handful, the leaks do not specify a release date for these characters. The units that have leaked and are anticipated to be released with the Fontaine update are all included in this article.

List of all the upcoming playable characters in Genshin Impact



It was first hinted at in the Genshin Impact Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail video that Lyney, a forthcoming character from Fontaine, would appear. He is expected to be made available as a 5-star Pyro Bow unit, claims Mero, a leaker. Currently, the first Fontaine update, version 4.0, is anticipated to include Lyney’s introduction.



Similar to Lyney, Lynette is another potential character from Fontaine who was also hinted at in the Travail video. She is likewise anticipated to be introduced in version 4.0 and is rumored to be a 4-star Anemo Sword unit.


Wriothesley is from Fontaine and will be included in Genshin Impact version 4.1. According to HutaoLover77’s leaks, he is believed to be a 5-star Cryo unit, as well as the first male character of this rarity and element. Furthermore, it is claimed that HoYoverse would add Wriothesley to the Standard Banner.



Mero recently published an AI-generated picture of Freminet, a supposed forthcoming character. He will also be included in Genshin Impact version 4.0. It is assumed that he possesses Cryo vision and will most likely utilize a Claymore as a weapon.


Charlotte would be familiar to Genshin Impact players who participated in the most recent TCG event. She works as a journalist for The Steambird newspaper and is from Fontaine. Charlotte will be made available as a 4-star character in one of the Fontaine updates, according to Mero’s leaks. She may also serve as the game’s first Cryo catalyst unit, according to rumors.


One of the speculated forthcoming characters in Genshin Impact is Neuvillette. Apart from the fact that he serves as the Chief Justice of Fontaine, not much is known about him.


In Genshin Impact, Focalors is the Hydro Archon. Her whole model design is displayed in the aforementioned article by GENSHIN_ES. While HutaoLover77 is just one leaker who has already shown her prospective kit, her release version is yet unknown. It’s rumored that she could possess a gravity-related ability that depletes her party members’ HP in return for tremendous damage bonuses.

Arlecchino “The Knave”

Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino “The Knave” is one among them. Her involvement in the Fontaine Archon Quest and her inclusion as a playable character have both been the subject of several leaks. It is assumed that she uses a Pyro Sword. She hasn’t had her rarity revealed, but it’s believed that she’ll be a 5-star.

Columbina “Damselette”

The Fatui Harbingers and their probabilities of becoming playable characters were listed by SYP last year. Columbina is the third-most powerful Harbinger, yet not much is known about her. Interestingly, SYP included Columbina as a playable character.

Additionally, there are rumors that a female Fatui Harbinger—possibly Columbina, rather than Arlecchino—might play a significant part in the Fontaine Archon Quest.

Captain R

One of the several Fontaine characters that were revealed a few months back is Captain R. Her element, rarity, and release date are presently unknown.

Mummy girl

An AI-generated picture of a purportedly brand-new “mummy girl” character from Sumeru was recently posted by Team China. She will be made available as an addition to Genshin Impact, according to SYP. Her identity, element, and release date are still a mystery.


Mero recently revealed some details on a brand-new character by the name of Chiori. Fans of Genshin Impact may find it interesting to note that Kirara’s voice lines also mention her. Little is known about Chiori other than the fact that she is from Inazuma, migrated to Fontaine, and owns a business.


Thanks to leaks that have revealed the character’s most current file name and graphic design, Sertice is anticipated to be a four-star Pyro Sword user. The revised information on this character still raises a lot of doubts, including if the leaks are true, even though it was one of the first Fontaine region characters to be revealed.


The community anticipates that Varka, the Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius, will appear soon, maybe during the version 4.0 updates, as he has been preoccupied with an urgent expedition and hasn’t yet met the Traveler. Although gamers are unsure of Varka’s playstyle, they believe that he or she will be skilled at causing physical harm.

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