Uncharted The Lost Legacy NoFilter Trophy WalkThrough Way to PlatinumUncharted: The Lost Legacy - #NoFilter Trophy WalkThrough (Way to Platinum)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has many trophies one can obtain and add to their collection on PlayStation. If you are going to get the fabled Platinum trophy, you must get every single one of the trophies the game has for you.

Some of the trophies are annoying to get (but not impossible), while others you may get accidentally by just playing the game. The trophy in this post, #NoFilter, requires you to take 5 photos at different photo opportunities.

The photo opportunities are scattered all across the game, each chapter having at least one of them. Chloe Frazer has a pink smartphone in the game and when you reach a photo opportunity, she takes out her phone and snaps a photo which is saved in her phone and can be viewed later.

IMPORTANT: The photo opportunities are easily missable as you have to be in the right sport and press the Triangle Button. The photo opportunities are also not story-related, so they are side quests that can easily be missed.

Lost Legacy Photo Opportunity #1:

The very first photo opportunity can be found in the Indian market right at the beginning of the game, after Chloe talks to Meenu. As you follow Meenu outside her shop and down the stairs through the market, you will reach a stall with vases and various pottery right in front of you. If you stand still, the option to take a photo will appear. You can see the bridge a bit further behind the stall, that’s where you need to go as part of the story.

This one shouldn’t be easily missed because it’s very “in your face”, compared to others in the game.

Photo opportunity location: Prologue – Market Stall

Difficulty: Easy

Lost Legacy Photo Opportunity Prologue Market Stall
Lost Legacy Photo Opportunity – Prologue – Market Stall

Lost Legacy Photo Opportunity #2:

The second photo opportunity is way further at the end of Chapter 1 when you reach Pink Lotus on the rooftop, right after the encounter where you meet with Nadine Ross. Once Chapter 2 – Infiltration begins, you should see a prompt to press triangle to snap a photo if you sit next to the Pink Lotus sign.

This one is also quite hard to miss because you’re usually in the right spot as the cutscene ends.

Photo opportunity location: Beginning of Chapter 2 – Pink Lotus rooftop

Difficulty: Easy – Encounters present (Melee)

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Pink Lotus Rooftop Photo Opportunity
Uncharted The Lost Legacy – Pink Lotus Rooftop Photo Opportunity

Lost Legacy Photo Opportunity #3:

The next photo opportunity arises in Chapter 3 – The Homecoming, just as the level begins on a cliff after the cinematic. All you need to do is to rotate right towards the ledge and look at the landscape. You should see the prompt to press Triangle and snap a photo.

This shouldn’t be easily missed, but it needs a bit of attention.

Photo opportunity location: Beginning of Chapter 3 – The homecoming

Difficulty: Easy

Uncharted Lost Legacy Chapter 3 Photo Opportunity 1
Uncharted Lost Legacy – Chapter 3 Photo Opportunity 1

Lost Legacy Photo Opportunity #4:

This photo opportunity is also in Chapter 3, in the beginning, but it is very easy to miss. In fact, most people do miss this photo opportunity.

It’s located right after you start driving the 4×4 and you reach a point where there’s a lot of flamingo birds. Chloe will say “Hey look, flamingo convention”. You MUST stop before the car reaches the water, otherwise, the birds will get scared and flee.

To take the photo, stop the car right before the small ledge, get off the car, climb a bit to the rock on the left and look towards the birds. Do not step into the water, they will flee. Once you’re in the right spot, you will see the “Take Photo” prompt.

If you did scare the birds before taking the photo, press Options, and press “Restart Checkpoint”. It will re-spawn you right at the beginning of the 4×4 journey which is just a few seconds away.

Photo opportunity location: Chapter 3 – The homecoming, flamingo “convention”.

Difficulty: Easy – Can be easily missed.

Uncharted Lost Legacy Flamingo Convention Photo
Uncharted Lost Legacy – Flamingo Convention Photo

Lost Legacy Photo Opportunity #5:

The final photo opportunity for this trophy is also in Chapter 3 and can only be done after you’ve cleared the main encounter area on the ruins. There will be two encounters, one when you try to break the gates with the winch and one when you reach the ruins and Nadine tells you to stop the car as she looks through her binocular.

You will need to fight and clear the encounter first. Do keep in mind that there will be reinforcements after you clear the first squads. It’s nothing hard, especially on Explorer or Easy difficulty, but on Crushing this is indeed a hard fight.

Once you’ve cleared the counter, go to the location in the photo below and look towards the ruins, the photo opportunity should pop, and once you snap the picture, you should have the #nofilter Trophy.


Uncharted Lost Legacy Chapter 3 Ruins Photo Opportunity
Uncharted Lost Legacy Chapter 3 – Ruins Photo Opportunity

That’s all. If you’ve done everything right, you should now have the #nofilter trophy, and you’ve already done progress for the silver “Pics or It Didn’t Happen” trophy which requires you to snap all photo opportunities in the game.

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