Best Minecraft Seeds For Villages Temples and Shipwrecks All PlatformsBest Minecraft Seeds For Villages, Temples, and Shipwrecks (All Platforms)

What are Minecraft Seeds and how do they work?

If you are planning to start your new Minecraft adventure, but you want to make sure the newly generated world is a great one with a rich diversity of biomes, Jungle Temples, Shipwrecks, Mansions, Villages, and so on, your best bet would be to create the new world based on a known-good seed.

Creating a new world in Minecraft allows you to specify the Seed right from the start. This seed will be used to generate the world, and it cannot be changed later. It’s also not possible to add a seed if the world has already been generated. Seeds can only be used when you create a new world.

Seeds are available on all platforms, be it PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, or Mobile. Although the world’s limitations and size may differ from one platform to another, seeds are still supported, but keep in mind that some seeds may only be usable in the Java Edition, while others may only work in the Bedrock Edition. We will specify which is which in this article.

A seed will always generate the same new world no matter how many times you use it as long as it is designed for your edition of the game (Java or Bedrock). Do keep in mind that only the basic elements will be present in the new world. No player-made structures will be generated. Natural structures like Villages, Temples, Mineshafts, Shipwrecks, Mansions, etc. will be generated too because those are part of the world.

TIP: If you don’t know how to find your world’s seed, check out our guide.

How to make a new world with Seed in Minecraft?

To create a new world using a seed on this article, go to Minecraft’s main screen and press the green “Play” button, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Make sure you are in the “Worlds” Tab (default).
  2. Press the “Create New” green button. Then press the “Create New World” button.
  3. In the rightmost panel, specify your world’s name, the game mode (Survival or Creative), world preferences, and finally, the Seed.
  4. Feel free to customize the rest of the world options, then press Create in the leftmost panel.
How to make new world with Seed in Minecraft
How to make a new world with Seed in Minecraft

Best Minecraft Seeds For Villages, Temples, and Shipwrecks (All Platforms) – Updated April 2022

All these seeds have been tested on version 1.18

Bedrock Edition Seeds (Work on all platforms, but not the PC Java Edition)

  • Mountain-rich world: 8624896
  • Good for biome diversity, and includes most biomes: 79067
  • Dense Jungle Biome: 708126700
  • Spawn close to 6 villages: 2019763973
  • Badlands, but nice: -78688046 (Badlands are rich in gold, by the way).
  • Guaranteed Port City + Dungeon + Outpost close to where you spawn: 1613969106
  • Beautiful Coast Towns: -7783854906403730143
  • Woodland Mansion close to the seaside: -7783854906403730143
  • Great Lush Caves: -1898624505743265221
  • Mountain-side village: 7492140738558
  • Biome full of mushrooms: 859337968100847433
Minecraft Mansion Interior
Minecraft Mansion – Interior

Java Edition Seeds

  • Spawn on top of a Mansion in a biome diversity land: 1542201397407325465
  • Spawn on a mountain dense island: 24198801
  • Spawn close to 5 villages: 2019763973
  • Mansion + Jungle Temple spawned on top of it: 150589112544105406
  • Massive cliffs: -132767011038296039

As you can imagine, having good seeds can immediately put you in a great world of adventure in Minecraft. Whether you’re looking to explore some great lush caves, find some abandoned mineshafts, explore jungle temples or just have a village close to your spawn location for trading, these seeds should help you get a headstart in the game.

Many of the Minecraft seeds presented in this article may work on v17.x too if you still run an older version for any reason, but they’ve been tested and confirmed to work with the latest version of Minecraft currently available on PlayStation 4.

Remember that it’s possible to see a world’s seed, so if you already have a world created and you enjoy its landscapes, biomes, or diversity, you can create a brand new world with the same seed.

To see an existing world’s seed you simply need to type /seed in the command console. The console can be opened by pressing the / button.

There’s also the option to Re-Create a world based on another. That’s also a quick and easy way to locally clone a world’s features in Minecraft.

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