10 Fortnite Facts You Didnt Know10 Fortnite Facts You Didn't Know

Even though Fortnite has been around for a while, there are still a lot of features that players are unaware of. In addition to being played by millions of people daily, it has also gained widespread recognition among parents and TV viewers who have never touched a gaming controller. Even those who don’t play video games know it but may not even understand how.

Here are 10 amazing Fortnite Battle Royale facts that you probably didn’t know.

1. Battle Royale wasn’t meant to be the primary game mode.

Fortnite Save The World
Fortnite: Save The World

Epic Games created and thought would be the major draw for users of the game Fortnite: Save the World, a player versus environment (PvE) co-op campaign-style third-person shooter.

It centers on a planet overrun by ravaging creatures and undead (called husks) and includes a variety of character classes (soldiers, constructors, ninjas, and outlanders). The game was intended to be a typical, pay-to-own one.

The additional co-op narrative mode called Save The World, which was supposed to be the game’s centerpiece, is now more or less a footnote. In the future, a free-to-play version of it was made available.

2. You Can Minimize Bloom

In Fortnite, a lot of the guns have fairly large bloom, which essentially means that the bullets will spread out when fired rather than hitting precisely on the crosshair. When attempting to shoot targets from a distance, this is quite unpleasant, but fortunately, there is a way to make it a little more reliable.

Shooting will be easier and less likely to bloom if you continually press the crouch and strafe back and forth buttons. Although it takes some getting accustomed to, once you do, you’ll never want to go back!

3. Drake Loves Fortnite

Drake, a devoted Fortnite fan who goes by TheBoyDuddus on PlayStation 4, said that he first became familiar with Ninja by watching him play on Twitch and perusing videos of his finest moments on Instagram and YouTube.

Drake mentioned possible latency concerns from playing on the EU server although it looked like he was performing in this particular stream from a recording studio in London. Yes, one of the most well-known rappers in the world is lamenting the dangers of intercontinental gaming.

4. You Can Shoot Through Doors

A crucial component of Fortnite is box battles. You must know exactly what to do to defeat an opponent who has boxed themself in and is only one hit away from death. Or, in the alternative, how to escape the box if you find yourself within.

If you aim carefully, there is a hidden technique that enables you to fire through the gaps in a wooden door. This is effective with the majority of bullets, but you must use additional caution while shooting through. It’s a fantastic method to surprise your opponent and fire a couple of rounds at them.

5. You Can See Through the Walls

You must be aware of your opponent’s location without jeopardizing your safety if you want to secure the delicious win royale. When you enter edit mode after creating a wall, you can see through it.

In essence, they are free wallhacks, so you should use them as often as you can, especially if you find yourself in a boxing match or are keeping an eye on an adversary from a distance. You may also clear any tile on the wall in the edit mode to see the wall from any perspective.

6. You Can Get Loot Before Others

Fortnite might make you feel like you’re losing out on fantastic items while everyone else is getting fortunate because of how competitive it is. Landing on the edge is one method to begin, but another strategy is to land in front of the house and begin looting it from the ground rather than from the attic.

Where we land has a lot to do with it. The majority of houses will have two stories, and since you simply need to unlock doors instead of spending time using your harvester to damage the roof of the house, you may cover that ground more quickly. You’ll have an advantage over your adversaries right away.

7. Rarest Fortnite Battle Royale skins

While it may be true that all of the Fortnite Battle Royale skins, emotes, emoticons and other changes are just decorative and have no bearing on gameplay, it is also true that wearing the default skin marks you as a noob.

  • The Black Knight. Only those who successfully completed the Season 2 Battle Pass tasks could earn The Black Knight skin. The majority of the millions of players who have joined Fortnite Battle Royale came in after Season 2 was over, making the Black Knight skin an emblem of “OG” status. If you ever get a glimpse of this unusual person, you know they were playing Fortnite Battle Royale before almost everyone you know.
  • Double Helix. This console-specific skin could only be obtained through a particular kind of purchase, not through skill. Players who purchased the Fortnite Battle Royale bundle for the Nintendo Switch are the only ones who may access this special release. Even though the bundle cost $299, the same as purchasing a Switch without a pack-in game, it was only available for a short time, and only a certain number of boxes were produced. And the only individuals who would purchase it were those who were concurrently in the market for a Switch.
  • The Reaper (OG John Wick). Keanu Reeves as John Wick is the coolest and most badass actor around. That is a deception of a question. But if you were able to obtain the “The Reaper” skin—a prize for players who reached Tier 100 in Season 3—by accumulating a legendary amount of player deaths, John-Wick-style—you could at least pretend to be one. “The Reaper” isn’t OFFICIALLY a John Wick skin; it’s just a man in a suit who suspiciously resembles a death-dealing, puppy-loving Keanu Reeves.

8. It Took Six Years to Launch

During the SpikeTV Video Game Awards in 2011, Fortnite’s first announcement was made. However, the game idea had only been in the studio’s head for three weeks at the time. Fortnite was finally released in July 2017 after a development characterized by delays and several testing phases.

9. Some People Have Been Prosecuted for Using Cheats

In order to eradicate cheaters from the game, Epic Games is quite tough in its enforcement. Those that use cheating are immediately removed from the game. Some gamers, including a 14-year-old child, were even charged with crimes.

The contentious situation occurred in 2017 when Epic Games sued people who were utilizing aimbots from the website Addicted Cheats. Modifying the game code is prohibited by the Fortnite End User License Agreement and the Copyright Act, the developer said during the process.

10. The Giant Hamburger That Disappeared From the Map and Ended Up In The Real World

Changes to the maps are among the new things that Fortnite gets each season. On one of these modifications, cracks started to show up on the maps but quickly faded away and vanished. not in the game, at least. A large hamburger sculpture with a plate was one of these attractions.

The sign vanished from the game and was discovered in the desert of California, USA. It didn’t take long for a number of gamers to visit the site in order to take pictures with the “tourist spot” for social media. Agent 3678-themed actor made an appearance at the scene and started handing out business cards with a phone number that, when dialed, produced only static. But players thought that figure would mean something for the upcoming season.

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