Quadcopter and Jumper Watch Dogs 2Quadcopter and Jumper Watch Dogs 2

What’s a jumper and a quadcopter?

Both the Jumper and the Quadcopter are must-have gadgets in Watch Dogs 2. You simply cannot complete the game without using these tools as many spaces are way too tight for Marcus to reach in. The Jumper is an RC mini rover with the ability to hack physical objects or take money stashes from various caches.

The quadcopter is a drone that can fly pretty high up before it loses signal. You cannot grab anything with the drone and it cannot be used to hack ctOS terminals, but it is very useful for hacking objects that are up high, it’s useful for surveillance, and activate terminal pathways to unlock doors.

Both gadgets are available very early in the game and I advise you to get both of them as they will certainly prove useful later on during both the main missions and the side missions.

How to unlock the Jumper in Watch Dogs 2

Unlocking the Jumper in Watch Dogs 2 happens in the very first part of the game when you visit the DedSec Hackerspace HQ for the first time. This is part of the storyline. You unlock the Jumper when you first use the 3D printer DedSec has in their HQ after a couple of cutscenes.

Using the DedSec 3D Printer you can actually get weapons too, and very good ones at that. Of course, they do cost quite a lot of money, but the money caches you can find on the map are a great source of cash in Watch Dogs 2. Some of these money caches are protected by hostile gangs, but they’re usually easily obtained with a few minor hacks to cause chaos and a well-guided Jumper.

Hackerspace 3D Printer In Watch Dogs 2

To unlock the Jumper follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Hackerspace close to Mission Dolores Park (In San Francisco).
  2. Go down the stairs until you reach their basement HQ.
  3. Approach the 3D Printer. It’s a large yellow doors machine with a rainbow unicorn painted on it.
  4. Approach its computer on the left side.
  5. Select Jumper from the list, press and hold X or your selection key to buy.

How to use the Jumper in Watch Dogs 2?

The most uses you’ll get out of the little RC Jumper are going to be through missions that require access on tight spaces like between stacked boxes, ventilation ducts, grills, and so on. Using the Jumper is like physically being there. You can hack terminals, computers, doors, people’s cell phones, etc. You can really see the Jumper as an extension to yourself.

Speaking of an extension to yourself, hostile NPCs will detect your Jumper and attempt to shoot it or throw rocks at it to destroy it. If they manage to destroy your jumper, the video feed will terminate and the camera will return back to you. You will have to wait a couple of minutes before you can deploy a new Jumper if one was destroyed.

The Jumper is equipped with a hacking device that can access and hack ctOS terminals. Usually, these terminals are not accessible to you but are easily accessible to your jumper. Anything you can hack by hand can be hacked using the Jumper too.

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