Meet Your Maker Game ReviewMeet Your Maker — Game Review

Meet Your Maker is a first-person raiding, building, and shooting game created by Quebec’s own Behaviour Interactive. They are best known today for Dead By Daylight, another asymmetrical multiplayer game that is passionately played, frequently by Twitch streamers.

But Dead By Daylight shows that Behavior knows a thing or two about online games, and Meet Your Maker proves it by providing a strong and unexpectedly unique online experience. Due to the fact that it is also included in the Play Station’s monthly free games, you should try it out for yourself.

Monthly PlayStation Plus FREE Games
Monthly PlayStation Plus FREE Games

You’ll realize you’re in the future, post-apocalyptic world, and that you effectively have two tasks after some highly dramatic voice acting from a figure named The Chimera. The initial step is to raid outposts for supplies and GenMat (Genetic Material).

To do this, you must enter the outpost’s core, remove the substance, and leave unharmed. However, every station is packed with guards and traps, and at first, you’ll be surprised by how harsh and abrupt they are.

Meet Your Maker Game Review
Meet Your Maker — Game Review

Recall how we mentioned you have two assignments. Well, creating outposts is the other task. And this is kind of the game’s genius. You’ll understand why the levels are so harsh and cunning once you realize that they were designed by users.

It’s sort of awesome to suddenly die while carrying the GenMat, when a block appears to expose an armored guard, or when you are blasted in the back by spikes as you exit the level. After being defeated by another player, you seek to establish your outpost and humiliate other players.

The gameplay is extreme, therefore it works best with two co-op participants and is really intended for two co-op partners. In this manner, if you consume spiked death, your companion can save you, and vice versa. Even while it’s still a battle and you’ll undoubtedly have to restart if you become overconfident.

Meet Your Maker Game Review
Meet Your Maker — Game Review

In the long run, you want your adversaries’ outposts to be wise, cunning, and challenging. That is the key idea. And because you have unlimited chances to succeed, beating them feels terrific even. There is a fair learning curve to Meet Your Maker, but after a while, you’ll probably be prepared for anything that comes your way.

However, the picture isn’t entirely good. After you’ve completed a few stages, you should use those resources. You may either increase your personal offense or spend money on your construction skills, which are available with additional traps and guard kinds.

Meet Your Maker Game Review
Meet Your Maker — Game Review

The game is currently severely weak in this area. A ranged weapon and a blade are your first weapons. The ranged weapon works well against distant adversaries as well as traps. Therefore, you can fire it to deactivate it if you see a horrible bomb trap in the distance. There are only two shots in your weapon, and you must gather them from the body or the vanquished trap thereafter.

The upgrade for that weapon is to increase the fire rate first, then add one more shot (helpful but not a game-changer). Why would the fire rate of a weapon that isn’t designed to shoot fast matter anyway…

The sword is even more awful. Rather than increasing damage, it increases speed. Its one-second delay has been reduced to 0.9 and 0.8 seconds, respectively. It’s basically useless and precisely what you don’t want from game enhancements. Give us some nice stuff to use. Give us something that matters.

Meet Your Maker Game Review
Meet Your Maker — Game Review

Of course, nobody wants to upgrade because they don’t want to make raiding too tough, which we understand, but with only two firearms, two swords, and two outfits available, the upgrading possibilities are extremely limited.

Having said that, you’ll eventually want to invest your hard-earned resources in making your own outposts as difficult to deal with as possible.

We noted that the aesthetics are dull but they’re also rather repetitive. We hope that the next packs will help this (along with the upgrade scenario), however, we also discovered that performance was mixed. I experienced heavily glitchy visuals as the host (even in performance mode, graphics mode was much worse), but my co-op companion didn’t.

Meet Your Maker Game Review
Meet Your Maker — Game Review Image: Steam

So something is going on there. The impure, dark appearance of the outposts makes the traps a little tougher to spot, which increases the risk in a way that suits this game.

But that doesn’t save the game from its failure.

Final Thoughts

Possibly the worst game I’ve ever played. The concept was interesting and original, however, the graphics may be glitchy and the gaming mechanics aren’t properly done. I wish Behaviour had done a better job on this; it feels rushed.

We will reconsider our choice if the game changes.

4 / 10 – Bad

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