Castle Clash Guild Royale Codes For Free Gems Chests Honor BadgesCastle Clash: Guild Royale - Codes For Free Gems, Chests & Honor Badges

What are Castle Clash: Guild Royale Codes?

Game companies often post promotional codes that you can redeem in order to get in-game currency, chests, gems, crystals, XP, etc. IGG does the same for Castle Clash: Guild Royale on both Android and iOS.

When new promotional codes are made available, we update this page to contain the latest codes. We also update this page when existing codes expire and can no longer be used. Since the codes have a limited lifespan, it’s best to redeem the available codes as soon as possible before they are gone forever.

If you keep an eye on this page you can get quite great in-game rewards from the codes we have below. Rewards can include:

  • Castle chests
  • Honor Badges
  • Blue Crystals
  • Material Boxes
  • XP

How to Redeem Castle Clash Codes

To be able to redeem the codes for free gems, chests, blue crystals, honor badges, and so on, you need to open Castle Clash: Guild Royale and grab your IGG ID, then go to the redemption page and get your reward.

Please follow the procedure below to redeem the active codes from this page.

  1. Open the game and look in the top-left corner.
  2. Near your avatar icon, there will be a numeric ID. That’s your IGG ID.
  3. Open Castle Clash: Guild Royale Redemption page in any browser.
  4. Type in your IGG ID and the code from this page.
  5. Press submit and then restart your game on the phone. You should have the reward now.
How To Redeem Castle Clash Promo Codes
How To Redeem Castle Clash Promo Codes

Currently available codes

Last update: May 2022

  • KQMZSM – Grants 2 Castle Chests, 100.000 blue crystals, 2000 honor badges + 5 Materials Boxes. You can still redeem this code as of today.

Codes that are no longer available or have expired

You can no longer redeem the following codes. They are kept here for historic purposes.

  • DGBN9U5N 
  • FW6M8H97
  • 72T9X9KQ
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